KiKi Holli does “Play To Lose” in new single

Singer-songwriter based in Southern California KiKi Holli just shared their latest pop rock single “Play To Lose.” The track follows his soul pop single “NEW HIGH” shared earlier this year.

In “Play To Lose,” KiKi Holli dives deep into reflection, examining how a relationship became toxic. With lyrics like “I thought I’d lose my love ’cause I never learned to cheat / I’m playing to lose if I win you in the end,” KiKi understands relationship-sabotage behavior and how it doesn’t. cannot and does not want to last.

Moody downtempo beats underpin KiKi’s emotive and soulful vocals. Echoing melodies draw in driving bass lines and rich guitars. The single aims to make the listener remember their worth and leave a bad situation behind.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now Los Angeles-based KiKi Holli began releasing music in 2021 with her popular cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This.” Her debut single “NEW HIGH” celebrated simple pleasures and brought her a whole new audience interested in her soulful pop rock fusion.

The singer is no stranger to performing, co-writing and starring in the acclaimed off-Broadway musical Forever Dusty, which features the British singer dusty springfield. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear the sequel to this riser. Listen to “Play To Lose” now and remember that you are worth more.

Connect with KiKi Holli: Twitter| instagram

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