Latest tracks from artist SIR COG may bring much needed revolution to the hip-hop music industry


Artist’s songs MONSIEUR COG reflects a variety of musical elements. This New successful hip-hop artist composed some of the genre’s most amazing tracks.

Bbudding artist MONSIEUR COG is a new generation rap star. His songs reflect both modernity and originality. The example he set with his tracks, any aspiring hip-hop artist should follow for that. He has an enchanting voice that carries a stylized rhythm. In addition, he tries to add a high tempo to his voice to give a rock music feel to his tracks. The new successful hip hop artist should be commended for aligning the beats so well with rap. This not only gives a flow to his rap, but also improves the overall musical composition. The most important part of his songs is rap. It is meaningful and carries the thematic beauty of the songs very well. I recently came across two of his songs, “Trap numbers” and ‘It’s time for this’ who meticulously captured the real characteristics of his skills.

The two tracks “Freestyle trap numbers” and “Time for free style” demonstrated precise use of poetic techniques and rhetoric. These two elements served as a catalyst for his songs. Even his other songs “They’re Dying”, “They’re Dependin ‘On Me”, “Wit My Pen”, are not devoid of these elements. All of these features make his songs worth listening to at least once. All songs from MONSIEUR COG are available on SoundCloud. To share more details, it is present on- Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram.

Please visit here to listen to songs from SIR COG:


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