Lee Burridge and Jamie Jones announce partnership with MEYA music meditation app


The MEYA wellness, music and meditation platform has announced that leading electronic music artists Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge are new funding partners.

Jones and Burridge will contribute exclusive tracks and meditation remixes to the app as part of their Journey of the Musical Spirit series, which bridges the gap between music, meditation and sanity.

The collaborative project aims to transcend the typical limits of meditation, interweaving multi-level brainwave entrainment and vocal orientation with the deeply immersive experiences and psychoacoustic effects achieved through music. This unique fusion allows users to make meditation as stimulating as an unforgettable experience on the dance floor or as deep and emotional as listening to your favorite songs.

Fans of electronic music know that the genre has the ability to trigger states of deep presence, upliftment, and connection, similar to those achieved through meditation. MEYA harnesses and infuses specific sound frequencies and rhythmic arrangements into his meditation practices in order to trigger the same peak moments that Jamie and Lee are known for.


MEYAS new partners bring to the platform their own experience of meditation and the stress they have faced in the world of dance music, helping others overcome mental health barriers felt in the industry and in the world. -of the.

Speaking on the MAYA Platform, Jamie jones declared:

What I like about MEYA is that I have always found the different frequencies used to record music very interesting. I met 432 a few years before I discovered the MEYA app. I was really intrigued to find out if your body felt any different when listening to music tuned to this frequency.

I noticed that I only had to meditate half the time to feel the same. I felt that the combination of the mediation and the sounds available made it much easier and more effective in a shorter amount of time. I gained the same benefits in half the time of meditation. In my opinion, it really feels like getting the best out of it without having to be so far ahead or meditate for so long.

Jamiethe first exclusivity of MEYA production sets the stage for a special Journey of the Musical Spirit entitled “Choice. “It’s a dreamlike piece with a delicate piano and relaxing synth work that is perfect for letting go and giving yourself a moment of calm. This feeling is reinforced by an integrated vocal guidance which, like a guided meditation, invites the listeners to breathe and reach a deep state of presence, acceptance, and self-love. Her inspiring words remind listeners that you always have a choice to love yourself while leveraging your strengths.

Lee burridge‘S first contribution to the platform is a unique remix of her iconic track “Float on»From the 2019 collaborative album Swooping down on the lost desert. The song draws listeners into the melodic and haunting world that All day long I dream has promoted over the past decade at events across the world.

Now, a meditation remix of the song is available for MEYA users looking to deepen and better understand the concept of awakening and success, with vocals inviting listeners to “Change your perspective on life… from a victim mentality to a victorious reality.

The revolutionary MEYA The platform harnesses the human affinity for rhythm and connectivity through dance to help users reduce stress, calm the mind, and achieve meditative states more easily and deeply. The peak experiences and states of flux felt on the dance floor can be translated into science-backed practice, bringing awakening moments into everyday life.

Each step of the MEYA Journey – Music, Mind, and Awakening – is enriched with binaural beats and is recorded at 432 Hz, a healing frequency used in ancient traditions that facilitates relaxation and alleviates physical and emotional stress. Each meditation session is available with a wide selection of musical genres: from ambient soundscapes to downtempo organic shamanic rhythms and uplifting electronic rhythms to aid concentration, sleep, meditation, movement, motivation, to relaxation and inspiration.

In MEYA founder Raffaele riccithe own words of “We are very happy to have Lee and Jamie on board, sharing the same vision of creating electronic music to help more people with their mental and spiritual well-being.

Our goal is to make meditation as easy and enjoyable as listening to a song and to expand “beyond meditation” by sharing practices and ideas to help unleash the inner power we all have within us. Our mission is to help our users achieve an empowered and awakened mindset, equipping them with the tools to turn any life challenge into an opportunity.

Clubs and festivals that have been affected globally, MEYA and their artists believe there has never been a more crucial time to remember the unifying power of music and its quantifiable psychological and physiological benefits. In this way, MEYA also provides a way forward for music industry professionals to overcome the stress and anxieties surrounding the uncertainties of the field and 24 hour commitments.

A recent study of a Helping musicians in the UK A commissioned survey found that 71% of musicians have experienced anxiety and / or panic attacks, while 68.5% have experienced one or more episodes of depression during their career. In response to this and the issues impacting mental health, regardless of industry or location, MEYA aims to integrate training into daily life to relieve anxiety and give users control of their minds with the help of tailored music content.

With over 15,000 users, 200 specially designed tracks and 100 guided meditation courses, MEYA offers a comprehensive toolkit for those looking to maximize their mental and emotional potential in a turbulent world.

Download MEYA today to begin your journey of mindfulness, meditation and awakening.

Download MEYA to hear exclusive music by Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge
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