Legendary Photographers Preserve Hip-Hop History With Nostalgic NFT Collections


Photographers are finding a new market for their work with NFTs – non-fungible tokens – and some even experience life-changing creative and financial freedom.

Visual artist Enrico Moses comes from a creative background of street photography, in which he has found solace in telling his stories. He used his experience to conceptualize his idea of ​​preserving the historic culture of hip-hop through Flash Mints, an NFT visual documentary platform.

“Hip-hop is something that we cherish as a culture. I think we’re learning a lot more about the history of hip-hop because it’s so new, ”Moses told AfroTech.

“It’s something that was born recently in the 80s and really developed in the 90s. And here we are today in this multi-billion dollar industry. I think these images preserve this story that we all even discover how much it means to us.

Flash Mints features collections from renowned hip-hop and street photographers including Chi modu, Jamil GS, T. Eric Monroe, Ricky powell, and Yaasmyn Fula. As well as paying homage to one of hip-hop’s original innovators on his behalf, Grandmaster Flash, the collection celebrates the pioneers who paved the way for future generations. The platform also provides access to moments in history that have influenced hip-hop culture today.

What is remarkable about NFTs is that they prove ownership and have become a space for the artist to deepen his works and amplify his longevity.

Among the group of legendary photographers, Monroe captured iconic 90s hip-hop artists such as Biggie, Tupac, The Fugees, and Yo dirty bastards. He is committed to his work of preserving historic moments in hip-hop history, through powerful photography and nostalgic storytelling.

(Photo credit: Chi Modu)

“It’s our job as a collective to hold this story and share the best of the best so that we can tell the best stories,” Monroe said at the point of sale. “I’m happy to be alive right now – rest in peace to Chi and Ricky – and that I, Jamil and [Yaasmyn Fula] can all tell these beautiful stories from reality. As if I had learned of Tupac’s existence before he was known as a rapper. This is what I really want to know. And I look forward to helping in any way move our story forward in a fair and beautiful way.

Flash Mints encourages all photographers to create and monetize their work on their own terms, and allows them to authenticate their work, all along the blockchain.


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