Listen to Crunch’s hip-hop tracks and experience the higher form of hip-hop

Artist’s songs Bite are highly recommended to all hip-hop music fans around the world. the Los Angeles hip hop artist is impressive in its style.

AAs a music lover, I often skim through random songs and try to listen to them. However, when it comes to hip-hop, the number of songs I really liked is too small to mention. Nevertheless, I must say that the upcoming artist Bite broke my disappointment and gave me reason to write the review. The songs of the artist are glorious and enhance the beauty of the hip-hop musical genre. The song “Stupid Crazy” is musically diverse. It uses the tiniest elements of top hip-hop music. It creates a perfect combination of contemporary music and digital beats.

Another song I can’t skip is the song ‘Together’. The interesting and commendable aspect of the song is its rapping. The rapper incorporates poetic techniques and rhetoric to give the song proper structure and creative freedom. By their nature, all songs are captivating, changing and episodic. However, the driving factor of her songs is her energetic and versatile voice. So I would definitely recommend these two songs from the Los Angeles hip hop artist. To listen to his other titles, you can access his page on SoundCloud. To know more about Bitefollow him on instagram, Youtubeand Twitter.

To discover the songs of Crunch, visit the given link:

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