Listen to Spenser’s new single “Daze Without You”

A freelance musician from Melbourne who merges his love of soul and R&B, Spenser is a self-proclaimed “budding crooner” who just wants to dance on stage singing sweet harmonies backed by lush melodies.

A self-taught producer who began playing music in his high school jazz band, Spenser has played with a number of bands but has since focused on his own solo recordings.

Inspired by David Bowie, Chet Baker, Morrissey and Tyler, The Creator, Spenser’s second solo album is titled “Daze Without You” – a bittersweet song about the feelings you feel when you realize that the special someone in your life will eventually fade away one way.

“I made this song to break out of the mold I was unconsciously putting myself in,” Spenser said.

“My band Threads had just split up and I was playing fast, flashy, clear indie music, which was good, but after a while every song started to sound the same.”

Featuring backing vocals from Melbourne actress Jessie Rowe, “Daze Without You” is a youthful, exuberant slow jam with an icy intensity that seems to slip away forever.

Ahead of the song’s release tomorrow, scenestr is thrilled to present “Daze Without You” today. Enjoy.

“I wanted this one to be so lush and so pretty but also solid,” adds Spenser. “I know with my wispy voice, I need something super solid to stand on. Honestly, I just want to play it live and dance.”

Possessed by a mantra that the art of songwriting must be “protected at all costs”, Spenser is currently working to assemble a live band claiming that shows are the only way “to express my true character” and to allow “the songs to take over”. their true meaning.

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