Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith Sparks Cheating Rumors On Video

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Source: Paras Griffin/Getty

In an Instagram reel earlier this month, love and hip hop Star and entrepreneur Yandy Smith-Harris seems to suggest there’s another man in her life other than her husband, Mendeecees Harris.

“It’s important because I feel like it’s going to end up blogging anyway,” Smith-Harris says in the reel. “I went out and recently…” she says as a man appears in the frame and intervenes.

“Are you going to tell them or what?” he asks while smoking a cigar. “I don’t have all day.” The man adds, “I’m not saying I’m the other guy but I’m not saying I’m not the other guy.”

Smith-Harris then said, “Okay, that’s definitely not what I wanted to tell everyone,” she said.

“Say hello to blogs,” the man interjects again.

Smith-Harris appears to say she wants to “be the first to post it so I can tell my own story,” before apologizing to fans, saying, “Okay, so there you go. I’m sorry guys if I let you down.

The bizarre video sparked dialogue on social media as some fans worried about Smith-Harris and his safety. “‘I missed the confession, all I could hear was him…and she definitely looks scared and forced,” one Facebook user said.

“Blink twice if you need help sister,” another fan commented.

Other fans seemed to think the video was some kind of promotion. One wrote: “‘She’s promoting a movie she’s doing, I saw it on Instagram. It looks like the fan is right. In a second video, Smith-Harris is seen with actor Jason Weaver.

“He’s romantic,” she says in the video, as Weaver accepts the joke.

In her caption, she shares with fans that they were on a joke. “He caught me😂😂😂 Pt 2 from yesterday @itsjasonweaver,” Smith-Harris wrote. “By the way, some of you are so gullible. 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 (@jeffloagz was like ummmmmmm ummmm i don’t want any trouble make sure @mendeecees knows it’s a joke).

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