Martin Wardley is back with another single “Borders of the Soul”, an uplifting symphony of charm and depth

Let the prolific musical accent of Martin Wardley consume your consciousness. His freshly concocted song “The Borders of the Soul” is a perfect blend of melody and ecstasy

If you remember the Oscar-winning music from Glen Hansard’s 2005 film “Once,” then this single will instantly evoke nostalgia. Martin Wardley with his touching voice is back with folk accents presenting a rock vibe. His “The Borders of the Soul” is a cascade of trembling and sensitive lyrics that find gravity in his baritone voice. The first time I heard the song with the creative loops, my heart skipped a beat. His vocal qualities have the power to do so. He is not only a charming singer, he is a songwriter, poet and performer, he co-writes his songs with several musical artists.

Wardley was born in East Lancashire and throughout his life moved from place to place. He spent a lot of time in London after moving to Bath and now resides in Kendal. His individualistic approach suggests the dedication and uncompromising attitude he has towards this performing art. Martin Wardley his previous album ‘Naked to the Elements’ captured many hearts around the world. Most likely, “The Borders of the Soul” will affect people. All of his musical works are available on Spotify, Youtube as well as follow his social media handles on instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn more about him.

Listen to his song on Spotify:

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