Monolink delivers a new vocal version of “Fidale” by Zigan Aldi

Monolink delivers new vocal version of Zigan Aldi’s ‘Fidale’: Listen

There is no doubt that monolink is one of the most outstanding players on the melodic electronic music scene. In addition to mastering an ambitious range of instruments, having technical skills that make him one of the most acclaimed live performers, and creativity that allows him to craft deep and meaningful music, Monolink is the author of passionate words. This time around, the German artist has taken all that might to breathe new life into a beautiful single with a Turkish-born producer based in Berlin. Zigan Aldi. In 2017, Zigan released an album titled ‘faithful‘ and now the title track is reborn in the hands of Monolink, who are adding their deep sound and lyrics to match. ‘Faithful (I feel)‘ is a delicious snippet of the finest melodic techno and is available now via Embassy 1.

2021 has been a year that has seen the Monolink name multiply in the headlines. The hype piled up in droplets as the multi-instrumentalist artist shared some of the singles from his highly anticipated album. When his second job ‘Under a darkening sky‘ is finally out, Monolink fans have just reached their climax. The album was critically acclaimed and very well received by the industry, proving to be a sonic embodiment of the artist himself. The album’s world tour was his best-selling album to date, cementing Monolink’s success. October also saw the powerful remix of the single ‘Under the dark‘ which brought Monolink and Innellea together, concluding the prophylactic year.

Not letting 2022 begin with less momentum than the year before, the melodic architect took this ethereal piece from 2017 and packed it with poignant lyrics and exciting layers, which perfectly match the dreamy soundscape that Zigan Aldi had put in the original. ‘Fidale (I Feel)’ retains the sultry mysticism that emanates from its tribal aura but elevates it to the top. The strings and the hypnotic cadence of Monolink invade the piece, taking it to an extra-spatial dimension. The bassline envelops you like a whirlwind, lifting you into a mystical realm. The voices take up space as the instruments whisper, in a perfectly orchestrated dance to purge your mind. It’s incredibly magical, touching and dense. Treat yourself below.

Image credit: Monolink (press)

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