MUST-WATCH: Streets of fear and summers of the soul enter the TOP 10 MUST-WATCH


The first entry in a spooky trilogy based on a very spooky book series and a documentary about a very underrated music festival hits the Top 10 MUST-WATCH this week! Could Chris Pratt’s latest film take this first place, however? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

The war of tomorrow

Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video

Start this week with some high level action!

The war of tomorrow stars Chris Pratt (of keepers of The Galaxy movies and Parks and recreation) as a veteran, teacher and father. One day people from the future start to come back to his time and enlist people to fight in a war 30 years from now. Apparently the humans of the future are losing this war against an alien species. Determined to save the life of his family (his wife played by Betty gilpin of GLOW and the hunt), Pratt joins this war of tomorrow and heads into the future. Also featuring Yvonne strahovski of Mandrel, Sam richardson of Detroiters, and JK Simmons of Whiplash, this is an intense movie that is sure to entertain you!

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video right now!

No sudden movement

Streaming platform: Crave

If you are more interested in the past than the future, this is the film for you!

No sudden movement is the director’s last film Steven soderbergh (who led the George clooneyfeaturing Oceans trilogy, Sex, lies and video, and Contagion). Teaming up with HBOMax here, his new film is a gangster drama set in the 1950s. It stars Don cheadle (of Circulation and Black monday) as a criminal in desperate need of money teaming up with a few other criminals (played by Benicio del Toro of Sicario, and Kieran culkin of Succession) to draw from a complicated diagram. This film features a large ensemble cast including David Harbor of Strange things, Jon hamm of Mad Men, and julia fox of Uncut gems.

This movie is available to stream on Crave now!

Conflux black

Streaming platform: TIFF Bell Digital Lightbox

Maybe you are more in the mood for a Canadian film?

Conflux black is a movie directed by Nicole dorsey (who also directed the miniseries Something undone). This film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019 and was named by TIFF as one of the top ten Canadian films that year. It stars Ella Balentine (from the 2016 TV movie version of Anne of the Green Gables) as a 15-year-old girl who gives in to peer pressure by partying and skipping school. It also features Luc Bilyk (of Adam’s testament) as a young man in his twenties who struggles to find his place in life and finds himself more prone to violence. He has frequent fantasies about using women for his own ends, and ultimately these two characters are set on a path where their lives will be changed forever.

You can watch this movie on the TIFF Bell Digital Lightbox now!

Summer of the soul

Distribution platform: Disney +

If you’re looking for a documentary or something musical, here’s something that fits those two categories!

Summer of Soul (… or when the revolution couldn’t be televised) is a documentary by a music journalist and roots’ drummer Quest for love. This film presents the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. Although it performed in the same year as Woodstock, it was nowhere so popular. The six-week-long festival featured performances from tons of fantastic musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the pips, Sly and the family stone, Nina simone, And much more! This documentary has won multiple awards at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, and it’s guaranteed to have a bunch of bops!

You can watch this movie on Disney +!

Fear street

Streaming platform: Netflix

Finally, a little horror to end this week!

Fear street isn’t just one movie, it’s actually three movies, each releasing a week apart. The first is called Street of Fear, Part 1: 1994, and it is followed by two suites (located in 1978 and 1666 respectively). This series is an adaptation of Fear street series by RL Stine, the creator of Goose bumps. This debut film features a major cast including Maya hawke (of Strange things and Once upon a time in hollywood), Jordana spiro (of Ozark and My boys), and Benjamin Flores Jr. (of Haunted Hathaways and Game shakers). This first film is played like a slasher, who knows where the other two will go?

You can watch the first movie on Netflix right now, the second will be released on July 9, and the third on July 16!


ten. Loki – Disney +

9. Spiral: From the Book of Saw – VOD

8. Conflux black – Digital TIFF Bell Lightbox

7. The ice road – VOD

6. No sudden movement – Have a strong desire to

5. Luca – Disney +

4. The war of tomorrow – Amazon Prime Video

3. Summer of the soul – Disney +

2. National Indigenous History Month Collection – CBC Gem

1. Fear street -Netflix


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