Myrne offers a full sensory exploratory experience

Singaporean producer and DJ Myrne is back with a brand new EP called “Circles”. A flawless reimagining of his approach to melody, texture and composition results in a record that beams with joy and restoration in 2022.

Myrne is a producer and DJ from Singapore

“The majority of these songs were made about a year ago. I missed the feeling of playing live, so I was super inspired to make really energetic music,” Myrne said in an email interview. with Music Geek.

With the release of his latest four-track EP, an immersive virtual reality experience in collaboration with the National Arts Council (NAC) of Singapore.

Dubbed MyrnEscapes, it’s designed to take audiences on a journey of vast, scenic landscapes – heavily inspired by stunning “otherworldly” graphics often seen on world-building video games – to explore themes of contemplation and of introspection. Each track on the EP comes to life with a world of its own, with images, icons and themes carefully selected to encapsulate the raw emotions and origins of each of the four tracks. The journey takes you on a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience to evoke a deeper form of expression by revolutionizing interaction with brand new music from Myrne.

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“I’ve always wanted a visual accompaniment to my music that wasn’t always a music video or a visualizer. By letting people explore on their own, it really gives it an interactive side to it that I really appreciate during my time. free, like playing open-source -world games, etc,” Myrne said.

He found it fun to create different worlds for different songs for MyrnEscapes.

“When I listen to a song, a color palette instantly [runs through] so it felt really natural to set up worlds for each song,” he noted.

MyrnEscapes is now available on the popular digital distribution platform, Steam. Access to explore and interact with the worlds of MyrnEscapes requires a Steam user account which can be created for free.

MyrnEscapes effectively has four worlds: the first is “What Can I Do”, which takes place in the middle of the red sands. This world is littered with runes and artifacts from a once powerful society. The second is “Circles”, a caving adventure in a vast mystical cave. The third is “Emotion,” which takes place on a lush, verdant set, exploring the remnants of a lost tribe as they attempt to tell their stories to you through shimmering artifacts. And the last is “Faithless”, a dense, forested jungle littered with bioluminescent flora surrounding a mystical river.

If you ask the artist behind these experiments, his favorite world is Faithless.

“The lighting and pathing really remind me of those lush atolls in Elder Scrolls games,” he explained.

Myrne’s latest EP marks the start of a stellar journey under American dance music label Astralwerks and Universal Music Singapore. He is seen as a massive addition of another electronic music superstar to the roster since the launch of Astralwerks Asia in 2019.

Known for his intersections in high-energy pop, house and electronica, Myrne began his journey in 2015 with the release of his EP “Softsins” on dance music giant Mad. With her, he inaugurated himself as the first Asian artist on their list.

His isolated experiences growing up in Singapore, coupled with his classical training, gave him a unique insight into electronic music – with the backing of Porter Robinson, The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix as testament to that fact.

What’s next for this international producer and DJ?

“I’m working on the next batch of music – it’s a bigger step up in energy – and I’m really relishing the streaks of creativity that have come through my life. I’m also excited to play a few shows again. in the area,” Myrne finally said.

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