Neon Ion Makes A Triumphant Comeback With Their Neo-Soul Anthem, “Wildfire”

The neo-soul artist makes a triumphant return with his atmospheric new anthem.

It’s fair to say we’ve all fought the Peter Pan-esque thoughts of wanting to resist growing up. Well, neo-soul master Neon Ion is here to let you know that she faced those same issues with her track “Wildfire.” An atmospheric cut that features an otherworldly production, dreamed up by Ivan Blomqvist and Erlend Mokkelbost, flowing ambiently beneath Ion’s ethereal tone, a wonderfully distorted soundscape. With its inherently transporting sound, the evasive nature of the track is evoked with every beat.

“It’s a song about the fear of growing up”, explains the artist, commenting on the central theme of the song. “Being afraid of being left behind. I see my friends growing up, buying houses, having children, all grown up and satisfied, while I continue to pursue this uncertain dream. It is a commentary on the conventional roles that society invents for us. And that it’s okay not to be like or want the same things as “most people”.

Sure to spark some introspective reflection in listeners and nestle in their brains as a track worth repeating, especially after a quick viewing of the accompanying music video, “Wildfire” is a youthful anthem that deserves that title. . Here’s to staying young forever!

Head below to stream Neon Ion’s “Wildfire”…

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