New animated love song and video released by two Windsor artists

Crissi Cochrane, a singer-songwriter from Windsor, and Delaney Beaudoin, an emerging local host, have collaborated to produce a new animated music video titled Why.

It took the pair 450 hours of collaboration and nine drafts of the original concept to come up with the finished product. Cochrane, a seasoned performer and recording artist, said she chose to produce an animated video to capture the nuances and intricacies of the story.

“It’s an art form that I really love,” Cochrane said. “I think there is so much more to be said with animation that it might be very difficult to try and capture in a more traditional live action video.”

The collaboration was a win-win for both partners.

Unrequited love song

Beaudoin, a fourth-year animation student at Sheridan College, said there weren’t many placements offered for animators at the time, so she was given permission to work on the project as one. of his last missions in preparation for his diploma.

“The hours and the project went really well and I was very lucky that Crissi contacted,” Beaudoin said.

WATCH | WHY the official animated music video for Crissi Cochrane

The song Why talks about the longing of two doomed lovers who go through the emotional toll of missed connections. The story takes place over a span of two decades as the female protagonist struggles to maintain her relationship with her sweetheart.

Cochrane describes it as a story of “unrequited love”.

“People keep getting the wrong timing,” she said. “You can sense by listening to the song that there is a challenge, a persistence – trying to make this thing work.”

Cochrane said the animated visuals are what make the story clear and resonant.

Delaney Beaudoin, a fourth year animation student at Sheridan College, spent 450 hours creating the video for “WHY”. (Submitted by Delaney Beaudoin)

“I knew I wanted it to be really visually appealing. It’s almost psychedelic at times, but not quite, but it kind of breaks the laws of physics,” she said.

Cochrane said his partner, Delaney Beaudoin, was amazing at facilitating the weather changes in the story.

“I feel like we’ve really married our ideas in this project,” Cochrane said.

The style of the animated video is similar to a Disney debut, which for Beaudoin was a new challenge as he was outside his comfort zone.

“It’s not necessarily my go-to style as an artist, but I’m proud to be able to accomplish different styles,” Beaudoin said.

82 contributors from all over the world

In order to finance the production of the music video, Cochrane and Beaudoin requested grants and crowdfunding. According to Cochrane, the couple received a grant of $ 4,000, but that was not enough to keep the project going for the duration.

“Four hundred and fifty hours is so, so long and obviously four thousand doesn’t really start to cover all of that work and effort,” Cochrane said.

They ran an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds over the summer, which raised nearly $ 7,400 from 82 backers around the world.

LISTEN | Crissi Cochrane and Delaney Beaudoin dive into their collaborative process on Why

Windsor morning9:03Musical clip

Windsor singer-songwriter Crissi Cochrane has just released a new single and accompanying video. But this video is unusual, in that it is animated. Delaney Beaudoin, a host from Windsor, produced the video. 9:03

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