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Author Dan Charnas explains how a young East Side Detroiter brought people across many different music categories to appreciate melody in a new way.

James Dewitt Yancey, the Detroit producer known as J Dilla, has died aged 32, but he forever changed the shape of hip-hop and music. He brought together a variety of artists – from Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest, to Common and Erykah Badu – in a unique way that solidified his legacy in the industry.

“They recognize the level of craftsmanship, they recognize the willingness to try new things and experiment, as well as the sense of play”, – Dan Charnas, author of “Dilla Time”, explains why artists appreciated J Dilla.

Hear: How James Dewitt Yancey changed the future of music.


Dan Charnas is the author of the book “Dilla Time”. He says his music has brought electronic producers and mainstream musicians together, inspiring them to appreciate a new art form.

“They recognize the level of craftsmanship,” says Charnas. “They recognize the willingness to try new things and experiment, as well as the sense of play.”

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