New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan continues to expand his reach

“It’s about adopting programs, as well as resources and initiatives, to be better on the ground, that is, our officers. So we’re thrilled to support Crescent City Corps. just one more step in the right direction to be the best we can be, not only in the city of New Orleans, but represent and be a role model for the United States. “

Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson recalled that Jordan had asked, “What can I do to help our town? What can I do to help our police department? And here we are, today. He said that” he would do something, and that’s what he’s doing. ”We appreciate your investment in our city.

“This training is about investing in our new officers, our young officers. These are the patrollers who receive this training and in doing so, they become the future leaders. We are looking for ways to be innovative, and (Crescent City Executive Director of the Corps) Brent (Godfrey) presented this plan to us and we absolutely adopted it. “

Godfrey said the effect of training is multiplying.

“Redesigned public safety is not an overnight job,” Godfrey said. “It is not an easy job, and it is not a job that each of us, or even a group of us, can do alone. The challenges we face have deep roots, and although many of these challenges affect us differently, they affect us all. But we are also each other’s medicine, and we have to keep this in mind as we continue this work.

“Over the next six months, a group of 16 New Orleans police officers will become the second class of Crescent City Corps Fellows. But more importantly, they will have the chance to build and deepen relationships with members of the our community, to learn how they can support the work of positive social change, so that they can bring that same spirit of healing, justice, community rootedness into their work not just in their work not just as firsts stakeholders, but also in the agencies and ministries that are responsible for public safety here in our city.

This is what Jordan sees: investing in his city.

“I don’t know if I consider myself a transplant at this point anymore,” he said. “I had four children here, they are New Orleanians. When they think about it, I would like them to say that we tried to do something that would make them proud.

“My mind is always, the more you can do. And I feel like I’m sticking to it. It’s still one percent better every day, and I feel like you’re asking me questions. about how to improve myself since I’ve been to the saints. And it’s beyond the saints now. It’s about being part of this community, it’s about being part of this city. is knowing that in this foundation of effects that we have had as saints being part of this city, I think we can always try to do more for ourselves. “

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