Nigerian start-up Naijatastic launches monetization for music artists


Published on October 15, 2022 |
by Jerry Doby

In Nigeria and Africa in general, there are very few indigenous music platforms offering music monetization to independent artists to earn revenue from their music. Apart from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Mdundo and other international companies in the field of music streaming with monetization tools, there is no known African music platform (at the time of this publication) offering the generation /streaming revenue monetization.


Naijatastic is a music streaming platform that has taken the initiative to change this narrative by implementing stream monetization for independent artists with original music. This leading Nigerian music streaming engine currently has thousands of independent artists accumulating over 500,000 monthly active listeners on the platform.

This monetization model favors independent artists more, as it is different from the traditional streaming model used by Spotify, Apple Music, etc., where the money is pooled and the artists with the biggest fans usually earn the most streaming revenue.

Naijatastic recently became the first native Nigerian platform to introduce a monetization program through a user-centric model. It is a user-centric model in the sense that as a pro member, the pro member’s subscription is given directly to the artists they have listened to, in proportion to the number of times the music of the artist was listened to. Learn more about the monetization program here.

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