Opinion: A Hip-Hop Thanksgiving | Good times Santa Cruz


Editor’s Note

I always thought that the Santa Cruz gives problem make the perfect Thanksgiving Good time. For a few years there, it was coming out right before the holidays, and I always knew this week’s journal would capture exactly the right vibe of “Let’s be thankful for all we have and think about how we can help. others”. But as Gives’ holiday campaign grew, we had to give it an extra week, and that’s why our cover story on it, which I still consider our real The Thanksgiving issue came out last week. Since we made this change, the subject of our weekly issue’s cover now seems a bit haphazard at times. And with that in mind, let me welcome you to our Thanksgiving hip-hop problem!

Hmm, I don’t know, come to think of it, maybe it works. I mean, if we’re talking about things our community should be grateful for, the incredibly rich and diverse history of our art scene should be one of them. And what i like Aaron Carnescoverage on the subject is that he has spent months hunting down artists, promoters and fans from all eras of the hip-hop scene to put together what I can say without reservation is the genre’s definitive story at Santa Cruz. It’s a must read for those who remember great hip-hop shows at Culture Club, Palookaville and other places around here – and especially for those who missed them.

Of course, last week was just the start of our Santa Cruz Gives coverage, and this week you’ll find the first of many stories we’ll focus on the work the nonprofits we ask you to do. to donate are made in our community. Go to santacruzgives.org to find out more about all groups and to donate. Happy Thanksgiving!



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