PawPaw Rod Releases ‘Another PawPaw Rod EP’ Again Amid Already Blossoming Career

If the word “woozy” was an artist, it would be an LA-based singer/rapper paw paw and his latest release, Another PawPaw Rod EP. Following on from last year A PawPaw Rod EPOklahoma-born artist, Rodney Hulseytakes a laid-back approach to its unique fusion of hip-hop and soul. “Message (of better days)”, previously released as the lead single from the EP, maintains a healthy balance of soulful lyrics and an ocean-breezy beat. The accompanying viewer appropriately captures Hulsey’s aesthetic: a sleepwalker on a love misfortune by the beach.

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After moving to Los Angeles just four years ago, a decision he fully embraced thanks to his upbringing as a military boy, Hulsey has an apparent gift for melodies that update what was previously achieved by the soul artists of the 60s. “Beautiful” showcases his talent on shimmering guitars and spaceship bloops. “You made me dance in my room, okay. You know I had things to do today…You know I don’t know how to act” are some of the most memorable lyrics that have yet to leave my head.

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The best lead, however, must be “Lovetap”, which combines melancholy with sweet talk on the most lush song on the EP. Not only does it pick up on the sound established by the previous two tracks, but it expands said sound with horns that take it to another level. Hulsey also brings a welcome sardonic stoicism to her voice which juxtaposes the sun in the beat.

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“Shining star,” the EP is closer, ends on a lighter note, with a shimmering instrumental for someone special. At its strengths, the song stays with PawPaw Rod and his pop sensibilities, perhaps more so than any other track on the EP. A universally appealing sound such as his has no trouble attracting more listeners than he has already amassed in the brief two years of releasing music.

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Lyrics: David Sosa

Another PawPaw Rod EP is now available on all streaming platforms. Tickets to see PawPaw Rod at the Moroccan Salon in Los Angeles on December 14 are available now.

Follow PawPaw Rod on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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