Pianist María García Named All Classical Portland Artist-in-Residence 2022

The 24-hour radio station All Classical Portland has selected pianist and educator María García as its 2022 Artist-in-Residence.

“All Classical Portland has always felt like a friend; a friend of the artist, a friend of the community,” García said in a video interview. “One of the wonderful things about the station is that it is so community-focused. The station recognizes that building a community is about building from within, tapping into the resources of the community to bring people together. people.

Being an All Classical Artist-in-Residence will allow García access to the station’s recording facilities and receive financial reward to help with performances and projects.

As part of his residency, García is set to perform live on All Classical’s Thursdays @ Three, hosted by Christa Wessel, on March 24. She will also help the station select its young artist in residence 2022.

“I’ve been teaching since I was 20,” says García. “My teaching has evolved as I grow as a person, and you realize that music is so much more encompassing. I’ve taught all ages and all levels, and for me, teaching music is about personal connection and opening a key to another world for students. I hope to convey to you how to connect with your emotions, your culture, and learn about the world and the beauty .

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