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A selection of Pittsburgh musicians on the STACKS service of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

The debate over streaming services and how much they pay musicians has been heated. For artists, getting tons of streams on Spotify or Apple Music can show interest in your music, but it doesn’t always translate to a good paycheck.

The Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh has sought to change that for local artists with STACKS, a music streaming service launched in 2019. The program offers musicians $ 200 for albums that are at least ten minutes long. For comparison, Spotify offers artists $ 0.003 and $ 0.0084 per stream.

If you are a local musician, this year’s program is now open for applications until Friday August 6.

Toby Greenwalt, Director of Digital Strategy and Technology Integration at CLP, describes STACKS as pursuing the library’s goal of “promoting the individual achievements of our clients while supporting the Pittsburgh music scene.”

“Pittsburgh has always had a vibrant music scene, but changes in the industry have created many challenges for small musicians,” said Greenwalt. Pittsburgh City Paper in 2019. “We hope this platform will be a way to help these talented people thrive by starting in their hometown. ”

If you are a music fan, you can use your library card to stream past albums by Pittsburgh musicians directly from the CLP website.

STACKS was produced in collaboration with the software publisher Rabble, using its MUSICat platform. Rabble works with libraries across the country to create digital solutions and provide their communities with a place to celebrate their rich musical history while uplifting current artists.

The 2020 series of STACKS candidates – chosen by a jury including alumni City paper music writer Jordan Snowden – features a long list of local musicians representing a wide range of genres, including hip hop, indie rock and country music.

To submit to this year’s program, you must be a Pittsburgh-based artist with a music project released within the past five years. You must own the rights to your music and the album must be four songs or 10 minutes long.

Visit the STACKS website to submit and learn more.

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