Polo G looks at violence in hip-hop and draws out negative energy by dissing the dead

He believes it’s time to grow up and leave the street life to the streets.

There are many theories as to what has caused the increasing violence in Hip Hop. Some have blamed the culture for atrocities unrelated to the entertainment industry, but there are also conversations inside as rappers weigh in on what they believe to be the root cause of the divide. Several artists have launched initiatives or organized events created to help reduce gun violence within marginalized communities, and many rappers hope that talking openly about this topic will help usher in changes in the future.

Recently, Rooga spoke about certain beliefs about diss tracks that have caused an increase in violence within Hip Hop. We previously reported radio hosts and stations refusing to air diss tracks following the ongoing deaths of several rappers.

Brad Barket/Stringer/Getty Images

Polo G added his voice to the discussion and gave his opinion.

“That’s not really the point being made,” he wrote. “When they say you regularly speak of the dead and raise the dead, you attract that type of energy to you when you’re on or near the street, you’re tied to that type of energy by default so it doesn’t Wouldn’t hurt to limit the amount you catch and fasho an*gga can’t wait to catch you even more when you’re done badmouthing her best friend who just died.

“It’s really time to start growing up and leave it on the streets because the world shows you again and again [poop emoji] make you laugh make you cry [100 emoji].”

Check it out below.

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