Pride of the Middle East – Iranian & Arab EDM Megastar Kamiz “Kamibekami” Noorollahi

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Published on July 21, 2022 |
by Charles Myambo

Kambiz Noorollahi, better known by his stage name Kamibekami, is a composer, singer and producer of electronic dance music. Kamibekami was born on September 7, 1988 in Tehran, Iran. His journey in music production dates back to 2006, which gives him 16 years in the music industry. Having nearly 2 decades of experience in the music industry has helped make Kamibekami a household name in Iran. He released big hits such as “This Is Energy” and “Master of the Universe”. He is one of the pioneers of EDM in the Middle East. Kamibekami also has a verified presence on social media and streaming platforms, including Instagram (@kamibekami).

He overcame a multitude of obstacles to make a name for himself in Iran and the Middle East, where EDM artists are comparatively less prevalent than in other parts of the world. His path was certainly very difficult due to the initial obscurity of EDM artists and fans in the early 2000s. These challenges did little to deter the very determined Kamibekami. Over the years, through his perseverance and resilience, Kamibekami has become one of Iran’s greatest musicians. He has gained relationships with most of his musical counterparts in Iran largely due to his consistency and undeniable talent. It’s fair to say that Kamibekami is totally consumed by his insatiable desire for music. He is a true student of the game and his affinity for music dates back to his teenage years. As a teenager, he was the prodigy and protege of several seasoned musicians. Combine all of these elements and you end up with an absolutely iconic musician who is clearly what Kambiz “Kamibekami” Noorollahi is. Kamibekami excels above all in the field of Instrumental with the house and trance genres. He has a host of top-notch tracks to his credit that are consistently played at top music festivals around the world.


As Iran’s leading singer, Kamibekami gladly wears the mantle of inspiring the next generation of Arab superstars. Despite mainstream notoriety, Kamibekami still retains a great deal of humility. It is his desire to ensure that his music is always relevant and stimulating for his audience. He likes to bring that palpable “feel good” factor through his music. This “feel good” factor is on full display in one of his best albums, “Masters of the Universe.” The euphoric atmosphere associated with EDM is one of the factors that drew Kamibekami to EDM. The “Masters of the Universe” album contains six hit tracks with a special arrangement that creates an unforgettable experience for the listener. The tracks are Master of the Universe, Hybrid, White Dream, THIS IS ENERGY, Free Zone and Celentic Age. Kamibekami’s sound is definitely something captivating that is infused with passion and excitement.

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