Pulse Review: A review of LAMB’s hip hop album ‘Behold The LAMB’

The fun of Nigerian hip hop has been a subject of disagreement among fans, with some believing that rappers need to infuse more pop melody to create enjoyable music that can compete with Nigerian pop music. On the other side of the debate, there are fans who insist that rap risks losing its distinct flavor when not mixed with pop elements.

Whichever side you take in the debate, “Here IS THE LAMB” serves as a unifier that satisfies the cravings of purists and liberals.

In ‘Badman’, ‘Groupie’ feat Oxlade, “Snapchat versus Facebook” feat chikeLAMB achieves a perfect blend of hip-hip beats with a melodic infusion that appeals to a younger generation of rap fans with a taste for imported rap.

Topically, these singles offer easy and relatable listening for fans looking for simplicity in hip hop. The hooks make it appealing to an audience whose appetite for rapping is largely satisfied by the melodic hooks that make it enjoyable.

Similarly, rap streams dominate with lyrics containing enough punchlines and bluster that appeal to rap heads.

‘Running after dreams’ and ‘Fame Sh*t’ is for listeners who desire very few pop elements in their hip hop. ‘Fame Sh*t’ Retaining hatch elements, PsychoYP joins MI to discuss how fame is the many-faced god. Their delivery allows young rap fans to connect with a style that is currently dominated by young rappers overseas.

‘Running after dreams’ offers diehard hip-hop fans a rap extravaganza that touches on the ever-recurring topic of money. Manufactured by Blaqbonez Cardy B, Nicky Minajand Jamie Vardy references Loose delivering a quiet boss-like verse, and AQ closing the song with hardcore rhymes, ‘Running after dreams is a single capable of uniting generations of hip hop fans.

‘Here is the LAMB’ achieved great diversity and international appeal with ‘More 257’ which presents Kenyan artists Good & Kaligrapher Jones and ‘Received’ featuring the Ghanaian rapper Ko-jo tail.

Coming after a Kaligraph Jones who effortlessly dropped references to Ted Bundy, Jay Z, Puff Diddy and the Infinity Stones is no easy task, but Blaqbones held firm in what might be Nigeria’s finest hip hop collaboration. -Kenya to date.

The LAMB landed in Accra in ‘Received’ with Ko-jo Cue delivering a chill hip hop chorus and MI delivering the ultimate chest punch lines.

‘Fears’ instantly recalls everything DuckSingles timestamp. In this song, Blaqbonez and AQ offered listeners insight into their fears and aspirations. Backup vocals and solemn chords provide the solemn sound needed to enjoy the sobriety offered by this single.

When you bring together four sensational rappers with different styles, abilities and idiosyncrasies for a common band, you’re likely to get a mesh of music that touches on all the exciting intricacies of the Nigerian hip-hop scene.

An attentive listener might have noticed that Blaqbonez came first in the arrangement of the verses and there are two takeaways from that.

Blaqbones was allowed to set the sound direction for the tracks because more than the rest of LAMB he understands what appeals to the younger generation of Nigerian hip hop fans. Blaqbonez is also the youngest of the group and his first position highlights the tradition of hierarchy in Hip Hop.

AQ came last in most songs and it’s a position traditionally reserved for the top rapper. This verse arrangement captures the weight of its flows and its current form.

With regard to lane layout, “Here IS THE LAMB” is a master class.

The first two tracks eased listeners into the album with pop-infused elements. This is followed by two hardcore hip-hop tracks before the soothing intermission of track 5. Tracks 6 and 7 respectively take a detour to Kenya and Ghana where each rapper tried to outdo themselves in sensational fashion. Tracks 8 and 9 offered personal and societal introspection before the four rappers went head-to-head in a number.

In terms of enjoyment and content, there is never a dull moment with the album as each track contains elements that appeal to hip hop fans regardless of their preferences.

The production, sound engineering and overall execution leave nothing to be desired.

At the end of the day, “Here IS THE LAMB” is a common denominator for Nigerian hip-hop fans.

Writing, themes and delivery: 1.8/2

Appreciation and Satisfaction: 1.6/2

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