Pusha T’s New Album ‘It’s Almost Dry’ Set To Be Released April 8

In December 2020, Pusha T was on IG Live with Steven Victor and in addition to announcing that Kanye West and The Neptunes were producing his new album, he said something would be coming out of it “in the next 90 days”. Sadly, the whole of 2021 has passed and all we heard from Push was a few features and the news that his new album would feature 12 songs. By the start of 2022, it was clear that the album was finally close.

Push dropped ‘Diet Coke’ to an incredible reception. His NIGO collaboration “Hear Me Clearly” was also very well received. Now it looks like we can now exactly when the new album is coming.

A German website called CeDe.de set up the album as a product and on the page, the album title and release date are apparently revealed to us. As Pusha T said in her Complex interview a few weeks ago, the album is not called It’s not dry yet as we said earlier. Instead, it seems to be called It’s almost dry. If you’re a little skeptical about this, it’s worth noting that at 6:23 of Push’s Complex interview with Speedy Morman, the album title is doubled, but it sounds like “It’s almost dryis what they say. Check that here.

The website also reveals that the album is due out April 8, just under three weeks away. Again, while not absolutely confirmed, this lines up with Push saying the album will be out in the next few months in his Complex interview.

Check out a screenshot of the site below. Hopefully we can get confirmation on this soon! In case you missed it, earlier today the Virginia rapper teamed up with Arby’s to release a McDonald’s diss track. Listen to it here.

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