Reports Lead to Safest Ultra Music Festival in Miami History

SaferWatch Ultra 2022

Ultra Music Festival 2022 was the safest festival in Miami’s history. Participants used the SaferWatch app to report incidents to law enforcement in real time.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / — More than 170,000 people gathered in beautiful Miami, Florida for the 2022 Ultra Music Festival. Since 1999, the event annual offers music lovers a place to gather and listen to electronic music and elite DJs.

In previous years, law enforcement officers have been forced to make over a hundred arrests during the festival. These incidents usually involved people trying to enter the festival illegally and/or using drugs. The high level of crime has led to justified security concerns for festival-goers.

The 2022 Ultra Music Festival in Miami was an entirely different scene with a record number of arrests. This year’s festival has implemented several new safety measures and precautions to provide festival-goers with a significantly safer event. Several law enforcement personnel were present at Ultra along with hundreds of police and security personnel to ensure the safety of everyone present.

Festival attendees were encouraged to use the SaferWatch app to report urgent and non-emergency incidents as they occurred. Once reported, SaferWatch immediately notified security and law enforcement of the user’s location and the nature of the incident.

Dozens of reports were made during the festival, reporting suspicious activity in real time to security. The app enables two-way communication between festival attendees and security, often preventing incidents before they happen.

The SaferWatch app has streamlined security processes by allowing participants to send text, images and video content of any suspicious behavior. SaferWatch is the official See Something, Say Something app of The Ultra Music Festival.

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SaferWatch provides communication between users, security guards and local law enforcement to prevent and report incidents in real time. SaferWatch protects the public and serves a wide range of industries.

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SaferWatch protects neighborhoods across the country by providing the tools communities need to report any incidents of concern. The SaferWatch app also provides additional features, including personal security measures that allow users to check in with family and friends. To learn more about partnering with SaferWatch, visit the website.

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