Richmond artist raises mental health awareness with visual album

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – A Richmond artist is raising awareness of the importance of mental health through music and film.

Myles Brown created “Journey”, a visual album from his own process of grieving and healing.

“A visual album is a compilation of songs accompanied by a series of music videos. Music videos are optical mechanisms used to illustrate the narrative throughout each song. “Journey” is a visual album exploring the human experience from the director’s perspective, Myles (MYLO) Brown. The project follows Brown in Richmond as he comes to terms with personal struggles following the loss of his beloved friend, John Lodge Fergusson. As Brown navigates his hometown, he realizes that introspection is necessary to achieve a sense of closure. “Journey” contains seven original songs/music videos and five conversations. Each chapter takes place in a unique location in Richmond, Virginia.‍”

Journey’s music is currently available for download on several streaming platforms. Brown says he’s been working on the project for nearly a year and will premiere the entire visual album on Feb. 25 at the Byrd Theater.

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