Rising Hip-Hop Artist Toxicbeybi’s Latest Groovy Banger, “NO MATTER WHERE IM AT,” Sets Your Mood on Fire


The genre of hip hop is one of a kind; it can be molded into any shape according to the creative imagination of the artists. Upcoming hip-hop artist toxic opens new doors to the genre with its versatile thematic approach. He dropped another hit banger, “NO MATTER WHERE I AM” featuring her unabashed and uncompromising rhyming performance interwoven with every step with the punchy and minimal rhythmic groove. The balanced blend of stylized rhythmic cadence and intense vocal delivery form an ethereal symphony of mesmerizing acoustic pleasure. The charismatic melodic motif comes to life with the masterful chord structures and progressive rhythmic arrangements of the track.

Well versed in the art of storytelling, the prolific artist has put her wonderful diction to good use in her lyrically refreshing compositions. The talented Californian hip-hop artist entered the music scene at a very young age and didn’t stop for a single day to pursue his musical dreams. Over time he has mastered the art of rhyming in different styles and incorporating various rhythmic elements into his music to make it more exciting and entertaining for the audience. In order to preserve his thoughts and feelings, he transforms his raw emotions into bright, articulate melodies.

Armed with his robust voice and an astonishing repertoire of appropriate words, toxic embarked on a journey to transmit a positive and vibrant vibration to the world. He offers pure entertainment to listeners through the latest single, “NO MATTER WHERE I AM”. It features a blend of punchy rhythms and powerful vocal performances. Produced by LOWKXYSLVPS, the track captured the attention of the global hip hop community by gaining a number of listenings. His previous creations like ‘patience’, ‘Photo’, ‘Leave me alone’, and ‘Feeling lonely’ are available on SoundCloud. Follow him on Instagram, and Twitter for more.

Just go for this ‘NO MATTER WHERE IM AT’ track by toxicbeybi:



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