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Robin L. Baker Prentiss, 59, of South Williamsport, won her beautiful wings on January 20, 2022, peacefully at her home.

She was the daughter of the late William D. Baker and the late Kay Lynn Baker Confair. The amazing mother of Jodi Prentiss Troutman (Ryan), Jamie Prentiss (Devon), Samantha Weaver Newman (Scott). Sister of Brigette Baker Fry (Paul), William D. Baker II (Candice), Michele Baker Guiswite (Mike), Wendy Baker McIlwain (Floyd), Bruce Haight, Rich Baker (Jill), Rodney Baker (Janet). The best Grammy at nine fur babies. She had 20 nieces and nephews and eight great-nieces and nephews. Of course, there’s also his son, Danny Prentiss II (Jessica) and his only grandson, Andrew Jackson Gause.

Now that the traditional stuff is done, it’s time to meet the woman with the most beautiful heart and soul you can imagine. Where to start?

Robin grew up primarily in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. She was always so proud to talk about her days at the beach or her nights at the Incinerator Disco. She would have the biggest smile talking about winning dance competitions with her brother. Sure, there were stories of her with her sisters riding late at night through cornfields or seeing who could lie in the snow the longest in a bikini. She loved her oceanography class at school and never stopped bragging about the giant shark she caught. Even in recent years, she was always proud that this shark head was on display in her teacher’s classroom. She loved being in the sun. She spent whole days on the beach, from early morning to early evening. She loved doing karaoke at Shadows or hanging out at Powy’s; Cher was his reference.

All his life, Robin had a taste for adventure and never let an opportunity pass him by. For this, she was able to create precious memories, not only for herself, but for so many others. She loved random adventures with her children or her big sister. Sometimes that meant going to the farmers market, eating out, by the river or even in another state. She found joy in the smallest things of every adventure. As she got older, she even saw things that we couldn’t see because she didn’t have her glasses on. She made life interesting and full for everyone around her.

When her children were in school, the Prentiss house was the place to be. All the kids in South Williamsport loved Robin and even called her their second mom. To this day, many will still say the same thing. She never stopped loving them as her own just because they graduated. They always stayed in touch. She wasn’t just the mother of their friends. She was also their mother, their advisor and their friend. Even when she scared them, there was absolutely nothing but love on both sides. As his children grew up, their friends loved him just as much. She was Cell Block Mama for a reason.

Robin’s love for music was almost as much as her love for her children. From songwriting to song covers, lights and production, she had her hand in all areas of the music industry. But his favorite part was pouring all his love and support into his favorite bands. Cell Block Mama’s image in the limelight will last forever. She was always smiling, full of energy, singing and dancing. She liked to feel the music beat to the rhythm of her heart. And, man, did she love to hear her Courtney sing! When she wasn’t hanging out with the bands, she was streaming music at home, in her car, wherever she could.

Now the best for last; their children ! Robin loved her children more than anything. She sacrificed so much to make sure her babies were healthy, safe and happy. Growing up, she always played music. Saloon and front yard dance parties were almost daily. And endless laughter echoed through the house. She wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect to give it her all. Robin always said, “One of the greatest compliments I can receive is being told how great my kids are.” If only she knew how good she felt when her children learned how amazing their mother was.

Robin may have been a stranger to many of you reading this. But she was a mother, a friend, a therapist, a “biggest fan,” and much more to literally thousands of people around the world. She was a musician, actress, artist, explorer. She had a heart of gold and a soul brighter than the sun. She was humble and kind and full of life. Anyone who really knew Robin knows exactly how amazing she was. She was one of a kind and left an impact on so many lives. Robin Baker Prentiss may be deceased, but her soul will live forever through all the hearts she touched.

A celebration of life is currently scheduled for late April/early May. Further details will be shared via social media as they become available. For now, we ask everyone to honor her by living her life as she would have done; full, happy and free. Lend a listening ear or a helping hand. Dance when your favorite song plays. Sing along. Love with all your heart. That’s who Robin was, and that’s exactly what she wanted.

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