rock group Soul Asylum to perform at Ramkat in Winston-Salem | The music


And the remake? “Yeah, it’s kind of funny to see these other artists doing it,” he admitted, “but it’s always a kick when someone covers one of your songs, it’s kind of lovely. So I’m like, yeah that’s right, keep fighting for the things in life that are worth fighting for.

Meanwhile, Pirner has his own legacy to keep. As other Minneapolis punk bands fell apart, Pirner continued to record and tour with Soul Asylum co-founders Dan Murphy and bassist Karl Mueller for more than two decades. And although Pirner is now the only original member of the group, the current lineup still does justice to the sound and spirit of the group on their upcoming album “Hurry Up and Wait”, which was released in April 2020. As with the previous ones. Recordings from Soul Asylum, the album showcases Pirner’s well-crafted songwriting, which conveys an emotional honesty befitting his unaltered vocal style and radio-friendly rock arrangements.

Recorded in the same Minneapolis studio where the band recorded their second and third albums, “Hurry Up and Wait” was co-produced by longtime studio collaborator John Fields, whose DIY approach bears little resemblance to production values. lisses from Soul Asylum’s major-label. records.

“John’s method is much more spontaneous,” Pirner confirmed. “You don’t play something 30 times, then you move the mic around a bit, then play it 30 times. I also learned to trust myself, at least enough to fly away and think, you know, maybe it’ll sound good if I don’t think about it too much, and repeat too much, and too much everything, until ’till he falls to the ground, you know? It’s a clear path if you go straight from your brain to your instrument to the tape machine.


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