Roots of Street Factory! The Hip Hop festival is part of the festive program of Plymouth

The sensational Roots Up! The Hip Hop Festival will now take place at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 19 in downtown Plymouth, the day after the city’s Christmas lights come on.

Under the sparkling festive lights, Street Factory will highlight Hip Hop music, dance and culture, including a mass dance challenge for the entire community.

The event is part of the Mayflower 400 commemorations, but has been delayed due to the pandemic. In close collaboration with Plymouth City Council, Street Factory is now able to present Roots Up! using the fantastic staging in the Piazza for the Christmas lights lighting event.

Toby G and Jo Gorniak, founders of the multiple award-winning Street Factory Hip Hop social initiative, were determined to fulfill their dream of showcasing the talents of professional and emerging artists and demonstrating that Hip Hop is a positive culture. and inspiring that people of all walks of life and all ages can connect with.

Toby G said: “We are very excited and excited to bring a night of Hip Hop culture to Plymouth and spotlight talented artists from all over the city. Featuring local talent, dancers, rappers and musicians, and it will be a 100% unforgettable evening.

The thrilling three-hour production will feature multiple creative elements of Hip Hop, including break or b-boying, MCing, DJ-ing, graffiti, rap, poetry and spoken word, as well as a R&B bonus touch.

A series of thoughtful Hip Hop plays will feature the skills of current members of the Street Factory family as well as those who have reached a professional level in the wider world of Hip Hop, dance and production, as well as original music and themes chosen to reflect the Mayflower and Street Factory core values: freedom, humanity and the future.

There is also a mass dance, set to the soundtrack of a brand new Hip Hop track called STF That’s the Fam, its lyrics written by Jman & Lincoln Gorniak, to deliver a powerful message promoting Street Factory’s values ​​of respect. , peace, love, freedom and pleasure.

Street Factory has created instructional videos, so that everyone in the audience can learn the routine ahead of time and participate in the day.

Charles Hackett, General Manager of Mayflower 400, said: “The Street Factory family has worked incredibly hard on this fantastic performance, which reflects the Mayflower’s journey in a new and exciting way. We are delighted that they are now able to present the Roots Up! show during the Plymouth holiday season and will bring a brilliant party to the Piazza. “

This event was made possible with the support of Arts Council England, Mayflower 400, Plymouth Culture and Plymouth City Council.

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