Six electronic tracks that will take you back to Coachella

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While everyone might be back to real life after the two Coachella weekends, you can always bring your spirit back to the Polo Grounds.

Assimilate to normal life after a festival like Coachella always takes time. As those post-festival blues hit as early as Monday morning and the legs are more than dead after the miles of walking the grounds to catch as many sets as possible – the memories created and the music experienced already have us counting the days until see you next year .

One of the most beautiful things about live music is its ability to bring you back to those times and fill you with joy in the present. So, to help ease the weight of normal life after the festival, we wanted to relive the favorite tracks we heard and share the electronic songs that had us dancing, singing and crying on the long-awaited return of Coachella.

Although there were countless tracks played throughout the two weekends, these are the songs that made us leave it all on the dance floor and will always make us smile because of the memory attached to them. . Transport yourself to the polo fields with these six tracks that made us feel on top of the world all weekend long.

Six electronic tracks that will take you back to Coachella

Fred Encore.. Coachella 2022 Weekend 2
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Fred again… – Marea (We lost the dance)

Fred again…Marea (We lost the dance)is a pandemic anthem that reminded us of what we lost when live music was abruptly shut down. It’s a feel-good piece about reflection, endurance, and triumph that got us through some really tough years. He performed on the Mojave stage on Sunday, and the tent was overflowing as expected – but by the time he performed that track, we were in front of the correct LED screen.

Looking towards the back of the tent, I could see the rays of the setting sun illuminating the dust kicked up by the dancing. The voice samples played over the speaker and it was time to make a move. To be able to dance and experience this piece with those who endured the same difficult years was therapeutic. It was a highlight of the weekend and now every time I listen to this song it brings me joy as I let go of the stress of the past few years.

Madeon, Coachella 2022 Outdoor Theater, Friday, Weekend Two
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Madeon – I love you back

Madeon’s The Good Faith Forever Tour will go down as one of the most iconic dance tours of the decade. From the meticulously crafted visuals and storyline to the musical production, it’s nothing short of perfection – and we got to experience it at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Not only that, but we were also treated to an adapted version of the tour which had Madeon on an insane mid-set and also the start of his new single “I love you back.”

Madeon performed Friday night on the outdoor stage and after his incredible first week performance, it was clear that everyone wanted to experience his show. He played songs from his latest album Sincerity as well as some older ones before depositing this new jewel. Vibey to the core, this track is packed with hard-hitting kicks, synths and Madeon’s vocals. Everything about the song will immerse you in emotion, but when the drop hits, everything is released and a wave of happiness and gratitude is all that remains.

Caribou, Coachella 2022, Mojave, Performances, Saturday 04-23 1
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Caribou – I can’t do without you

There is perhaps no better suited track that represents what Coachella means to many than caribou I can’t do without you.” This song immediately brought me back to Coachella 2017 when I saw Caribou with my two brothers for the first time. Although they weren’t there with me this year, this track took on new meaning and matches my exact feelings about live music when I caught them live on the Mojave Stage on Saturday.

Caribou are a master of their craft and after opening with ‘Odessa’ they played an incredible 10 minute rendition of ‘Sun’ and hit us with ‘You Can Do It’ – giving the crowd exactly what they were for. had come. The slow draw of synths and drums hinted at the start of “Can’t Do Without You” and everyone started rocking to Snaith’s cooing vocals, putting their hearts back in, absorbing it all. Every challenge and residual negative emotion of the past two years melted away leaving me in pure bliss. This one was, and will forever be, an essential Coachella keepsake for me.

Louis L’Enfant – Blowing the Roof (with Kasbo & EVAN GIIA)

Louis the child are known for their “music that makes you feel good” approach to production and that’s exactly the energy they brought to their set on the outdoor stage on Friday night. Opening with “Euphoria” and playing through their ever-changing catalog of music, the crowd rocked on tracks like “Love Is Alive”, “Free” and “Keep Moving” before ending with “Better Not” – but c was one of their other recent releases that elevated the ensemble to stars.

EVAN GIIA joined Louis The Child to perform their track “Break the House” and, let me tell you, the vibes were strong right now. She brought her vibrant energy to the stage and when that drop hit, it felt like everything was in place. “Music That Makes You Feel Good” was embodied then and I vividly remember jumping up and down with the biggest smile on my face as “Blow The Roof” blared on the speakers. It’s a feel-good track that keeps giving even more now that I’ve seen it live at Coachella.

Lane 8 at Coachella 2022
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Track 8 – Revive

This year isn’t even halfway there, but way 8 most recent album, relive, is the one that will be at the top of my music collection in 2022. In its entirety, the album is audible chocolate and home to one of his best tracks to date, the track “Reviver.” Having missed Lane 8’s show at Red Rocks late last year, I was determined to catch up at Coachella when he performed at the Mojave – and he didn’t disappoint.

Lane 8’s set was a nice end to Friday night shenanigans and once the arpeggiated synths of “relive” rang over the speakers, I was overwhelmed with emotion and energy. The only time I danced and jumped higher over the weekend was when EVAN GIIA came out to perform “Blow The Roof” with Louis The Child. Songs that have been asterisks in my daily life were finally playing in front of me and it was crazy therapy as a pure feeling of elation washed over me.

Red Giant Project @ Do Lab Coachella Weekend 2
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Red Giant Project & Emma Lucia – Du Går lgäv

It wouldn’t be a proper Coachella post without the mention of the Do LaB and although there were amazing guest performances from MEUTE, Joe Kay, LP Giobbi, Hayden James (DJ Set), Madeon b2b Yung Bae and DJ Hanzel my highlight must come from the bass-infused set of Red Giant Project. A fusion of hip-hop and electronic sounds with soulful vocals and otherworldly elements, Red Giant Project is a project of intent as well as hard-hitting beats. They opened the Do LaB stage on Saturday, allowing everyone to properly flex before being sent into the Coachella ether.

They played a few tracks from their self-titled debut album before giving attendees a dose of one of their latest releases.”Du Går lgäv” with Emma Lucia. The perfect culmination of expert production, bass, saxophone and Shane Hall’s one and only voice made this track shine at the Do Lab and set the perfect mood for the day. If you missed their performance, never fear, because you can see Red Giant Project at Lightning in a Bottle in May!

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