Soak up Mistajay’s ecstatic hip-hop dictation in his freshly released track “The Truth”

It is essential that everyone feels the distinctive charm of Mistajay and its uplifting musical concoctions along with mesmerizing soundscapes. He just released one of his most intriguing songs on YouTube, ‘The truth’; we congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts for the success of this tube. And wish him all the best for his upcoming projects that his fans are looking forward to.

DMR: Under which artist name do you want the promotion to continue?

Mistajay: Mistajay

DMR: Please tell us more about your music, your genre and your soundscape.

Mistajay: My music is a lyrical hip-hop soundscape, it’s classic boom bap sounds.

DMR: How important are lyrics in the thematic weaving of a song?

Mistajay: Lyrical content is all you have to capture the imagination of the audience.

DMR: Which artists inspire and influence you the most to achieve creative achievements?

Mistajay: My influences range from classic emcees like KRS-One to more contemporary artists like Greselda.

DMR: How was your creative identity born?

Mistajay: I formed my art through my experiences.

DMR: Do you have any upcoming plans for the future?

Mistajay: The One Heartbeat Away album is out now… I’m working on a documentary based on the underground Experience documentary blog

DMR: When did you start making music professionally?

Mistajay: I started working on my label in 99 doing my own shows to take control of my own career.

DMR: Do you think live performances are extremely crucial in an artist’s career and why?

Mistajay: Live performance is where you connect with a crowd and take the songs you’ve created to the next level.

DMR: Where do you find the inspiration and motivation to make music?

Mistajay: Inspiration comes from living my love of hip-hop and new music which gives me new life.

DMR: Any advice for the batch of musicians to come?

Mistajay: Networking is important, building relationships with people is essential.

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