Sony Music Labels will launch a new virtual space for artists,

Sony music labels a new project on the way!

On March 3, Sony Music Labels announced a new project, Reverse3:x(read as inverted cross), a project where people can watch short live videos of performances by various artists in a virtual space to launch on March 3, 2022.

Created by Sony Music Labels Inc. in conjunction with Sony’s latest technology, the virtual space was originally produced by MomentTokyo, REZ& and Boo, who are known for XLIVE productions. The design of the virtual space are the artists of DEBYFOR TOKYO. The launch of the project was highly anticipated, racking up over 300,000 views for the released teaser.

Start the project is rapper KEIJU, who performed the songs ‘Fall’, ‘Tears’and ‘In my eyes‘ against a backdrop of falling cherry blossoms as the space moved through the city. Filmed at Sony’s studio, Tokyo Volumetric Capture Studio, MomentTokyo created the virtual space with volumetric capture technology using Sony’s 4K camera equipment and UNREAL ENGINE.

KEIJU is also a member of the hip-hop team KADYTOWNStanding out with his sweet voice, he was the first member of KANDYTOWN to sign a major deal with Sony Music Labels, releasing his debut single, ‘Let me know‘ in 2018.

VJ team and GROUND FLOOR participated in lighting and visual direction as VJ. Both have already worked in major festivals, showcasing their experience through the quality of live performance in a unique virtual environment.

Sony Music plans to have more XR live shows with ReVerse3:x, inviting more hip-hop artists to a random schedule in March. It aims to be a cross-cultural venue delivering various types of entertainment in a virtual space, which fans can seek out.

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