Soul APP creates talent show with Gostar Bustar for Korean students


SHANGHAI, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – “It was Soulstar who gave me the courage to make my dream come true during this difficult time.” said by Soulstar champion Shin Juyeong. Lately, the Soul Social Media App launched a Soulstar talent show in collaboration with variety entertainment Gostar Bustar, creating a platform where all university students from South Korea were encouraged to make their unique voice heard and to showcase their talents. SOUL has always supported multiculturalism and this creative initiative also enables students in Korea to pursue their dreams despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Soulstar was hosted by a domestic celebrity, offering winners over 10 million won as a special gift to pursue their dreams. The participants demonstrated their talent in singing, dancing or stand-up comedy. Most importantly, they took to the stage and pushed the boundaries in pursuit of their searing ambitions. Along the way, these students befriended like-minded peers, giving each other warm applause and encouragement.

The contest champion was Shin Juyeong, who would have been perfectly happy with her comfort zone and the “perfect” character everyone saw her in. However, Shin had long harbored a desire to break out of the mold. The arrival of Soulstar gave him confidence and the opportunity to surpass himself. Shin thought to himself, “Those who take courage will eventually shine,” echoing SOUL’s encouragement to all who have the courage to pursue their dreams.

In his acceptance speech for the Viewer’s Choice Award, Yoon Gangnyeong said, “Even the most specialized lifestyle deserves our respect.” Despite his wish to bring joy and warmth to those around him, Yoon found himself frozen by some of his classmates on campus, simply because his particular passion was considered too eccentric – for become an actor. To his surprise, however, he met a lot of “Mavericks” like him on SOUL. Therefore, while Soulstar may be over, Yoon’s comedy journey has only just begun. Yoon is joined by thousands of ambitious Soulers, or Soul users, who will run alongside him towards their own life goals, whether in the physical or digital world.

The spread of COVID-19 has cost many young people the opportunity to achieve their ambitions. Once an idol intern, Kang Seongjae cherished a musical dream and had an exciting career opportunity. Then the virus changed everything. It wasn’t until the launch of Soulstar that he got the chance to come back on stage. His outstanding performance left a deep impression on the judges and the audience, which earned him third place. “Maybe this (achievement) will get more and more attention for my music on YouTube,” he said frankly.

Soulstar and SOUL are both characterized by the desire of young people to find like-minded friends, to break down stereotypes and personal boundaries, to show their true selves and to express themselves freely. Built on these cornerstones, SOUL continues to dream big, firmly holding on to its commitment to shaping relevant metavistic social media for the younger generations.

About Soul APP

SOUL is a premier algorithm-based virtual social playground where people can create, share, explore, and connect. Thanks to Soul’s gamified features, soulers are able to form, cultivate and maintain authentic bonds with one another.

SOUL’s mission is to build a ‘soul’cial metaverse for the younger generations. With its immersive, appearance-independent and interest-driven design, Soul provides an innovative solution that empowers users to express their authentic personalities and draw inspiration from each other’s creativity. It benefits from a tight-knit community with high engagement, strong business value, and a proprietary algorithm that powers the strong growth of SOUL users.



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