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A weekend of surfing, music, skateboarding and riding culture staged in an incredible and panoramic ocean setting; the Spring Classic is everything you expect from a Wavelength festival!

Led by dance veterans Crazy P, the festival will also see a host of up-and-coming musical talent sharing their lyrics and loops.

Early Bird tickets sold out in just over a week, but if you missed it, don’t worry! First Tier Tickets are on sale now and there are more headline musical acts, plus details on when the Spring Classic Surf Invitational lands very soon.

Days filled with surfing competitions, skate jams and nature trails will prepare you to take a fresh one and relax into the sunset, and these awesome anthems and soulful sounds will quickly become the soundtrack of your summer.

With an eclectic mix of dance, pop and indie rock, here’s the latest on your favorite new bands that will fill the weekend with bass lines and beats.


It was only recently that this carefree quartet of dancers shared university halls. A year later, the band swapped lectures for loops, creating an endearing mix of house, garage and lo-fi pop that saw them appear on the 6Music playlist.

Naming themselves after a hearty breakfast with a twist, being a new band in a global pandemic meant each member had to record their respective parts from their bedrooms, a digital collaboration technique that wasn’t always welcomed by neighbors.

Recently releasing their debut EP ‘Baby Face’, they are set to continue churning out feel-good dance and funk bassline tracks. With the only rule being that fans have to be able to dance to every song, Porij is sure to deliver a good Friday.

Low Island

Named after a small rock in the Atlantic Ocean, Low Island are an Oxford-based quartet that churn out emotional lyrics alongside soulful synthetic sounds.

Influenced by the house and techno music of DJs of the time, as well as their love of indie bands, Low Island’s music combines emotive sounds with electronic symphonies. With underlying influences such as Radiohead and Arthur Russell, this exciting young quartet delivers heartbreaking harmonies that are the perfect accompaniment to a weekend by the waves.

Anchor song

Hailing from Tokyo, Anchorsong is recognized worldwide for its unique and eclectic shows. Creating electronic beats entirely from scratch in front of his audience, with the unique addition of a string quartet, his performances have seen him on the stages of UK festivals such as Glastonbury and Shambala.

With a growing fan base, Anchorsong gained strong media coverage from NME Japan and Rolling Stone, with ample airplay on renowned platforms such as BBC Radio 6 and Worldwide FM.

From backing bands such as Bonobo and DJ Krush across a range of international venues, he has become a solid name in the electronic music scene, with his immersive, rhythmic beats for a truly captivating performance.

Falle Nioke

Speaking and singing in eight different languages, Falle Nioke is a multi-talented singer and percussionist from Guinea. With years of performing and traveling in West Africa under his belt, his work includes a musical collage of percussion, keyboards and soulful lyrics.

Praised for his original and traditional compositions on a variety of instruments, Falle draws on his experiences to combine West African music with an electronic dance genre.

Drawing inspiration from the endangered languages ​​of his ancestors as well as the time spent growing up on the Senegalese border, Falle hopes his music will heal those near and far.


Named after an 18th century Brighton folk heroine who cured people’s ailments, MarthaGunn’s music will also leave you feeling soothed and soulful.

Made up of a group of friends who share a common passion for 70s influences such as Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, they put a contemporary twist on a classic indie sound, with a rhythmic beat that explodes into fierce lyrics and melodies. catchy.

The five musicians have spent time honing their craft, having recently delivered a number of raucous shows across Europe and the UK.

Far from the Caspian

Named after a shared love of CS Lewis’s books, Far Caspian’s foundations began in university halls. Eager to turn the chamber beats into something bolder, the band came together to produce a self-titled “melan-jolly” sound. With driving beats paired with pensive lyrics and drawing inspiration from bands such as Tame Impala and The Strokes, Far Caspian have textured their sound with soulful synths and electro beats.

Carefully crafting their new sound as they grace the stages of Gold Sounds and Leeds festivals, the trio’s playful tunes have seen them backed by the likes of BBC Introducing, making them a band to watch.

If our spring soundtrack got you in the mood, you can grab tickets now for a weekend full of surf, skate, music and motorcycle action!

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