Stephanie “Lady Redneck” Lee delivers a transformational take on the traditional Christian hymn

Invite the Savior into your life with Lady Redneck’s beautiful rendition of the beloved Christian hymn, “Come Thou Source of Every Blessing”. Your soul will be touched by Lady Redneck’s intimate rendition as she sings this traditional Christian hymn with such devotion. Keeping the arrangement simple, her voice shimmers over a beautiful and delicate piano, flooding your soul with a sense of divine peace.

“It’s one of my favorite Christian hymns of all time and I’ve wanted to record it for a long time. I love how it expresses gratitude to God, the greatest of all, and sings his praises. I wanted to do it with just my piano… and make it more intimate. I feel those words in my heart and soul and if my spirit could sing I think that’s what it would say. I pray that this touches your heart as it touches mine. – Lady Hick”

Although “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” was released over 250 years ago, it remains one of the Christian Hymnal’s most popular hymns and rings true to anyone seeking grace when lost.

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Stephanie “Lady Redneck” Lee is a country artist from Dallas, Texas. Her energetic performances and fun, tongue-in-cheek songs have the world sitting up and taking notice of this blonde bombshell. Although she didn’t look the part, her small town roots and quirky personality earned her the name “Redneck” which she proudly displays. She writes from the heart. His songs are true to life and based on his real, honest moments and stories.

Stephanie Lee was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and raised until the age of 12, in a small town called Howe, Idaho, population 23. Before college, her parents moved to the BIG CITY of Idaho Falls , Idaho. Stephanie Lee played in the family band, Dusty Boots, which performed throughout the Northwest. She grew up playing guitar, piano, bass, violin, mandolin and drums. The family sold 40,000 CDs during their career. Now Stephanie is doing her own thing, releasing her own songs and earning the respect of the toughest fans and critics in the industry.

Stephanie Lee is also a dark chocolate lover and workout junkie. She loves her family, her Savior and her country. Now living in Dallas, she speaks Spanish and a little Cebuano. Her single “I Dented Your Truck” reached the top of the iTunes International Country Songs Chart. His latest, “Pray for Peace” reached No. 1 on the UK iTunes Christian Music Chart!

For more information on Lady Redneck, please visit her website.

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