Take an introspective journey with Nikanaka and a captivating upbeat pun in the song “Unwind Your Mind”

The well-woven charms of Nikanaka in the exceptionally well-mixed number “Relax Your Mind” will charm you in the most interesting musical ways, catch the song now.

Yesou can enjoy the charming narrations and captivating musicality of Nikanaka in their new version “Relax Your Mind”. This supremely concocted musical number combined the charms of electronic accent with soulful wisdom. The narrator of this exceptional title is Nicka Rowe. He is the author and producer of this music group. Apart from him, you will find Mathieu Denis in Bass and Keys. Mathieu co-producer of these tracks with Nicka then Loic Maurin on drums will rock your ears with his talents. Their unique qualities proved to make the best version of their unique music. Nicka, being the writer and the main voice, gave praise performing these beautiful lines in every song they released.

Be based in Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France; they are all ready to conquer the world with ecstatic unified diversity. Every song delivered by Nikanaka should be coined as a keepsake and should be cherished by all music lovers. They are working on recording their 4 song set which will be released in the coming weeks. Until this set comes out, you can listen to their most popular tracks they have offered by far on Spotify ‘Out There’, ‘Only Human’, ‘The Greater Good’ and “Relax Your Mind”. And once you start listening to them, you can’t help but follow in their footsteps. The beautiful and addictive nature of the tracks is undeniable. You can listen to the tracks on Spotify. They are available on instagram follow them too to learn more about their journey.

Please visit here to listen to Nikanaka’s song: https://open.spotify.com/track/4NrkNkpavm3JuMqeXQdMKz

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