The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 18 – A hip-hop album in NFT form

Tonight on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: For one, the Goat Soup NFT Collection floor price has stagnated. He lost the momentum he had with the Gary Vee pump. On the other hand, a storm is brewing. Slowly but surely Andy continues to add utility, roll out bonuses, and build with the community. Goat soup time will come, and this show will be there, documenting it all.

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Today’s headline is that Andy Milonakis plans to record a full hip hop album in NFT form, which will be free for Goat Soup owners. In the following video, he tries to figure out how to do it technically and asks the community for ideas.

But let’s not rush. Let’s start with the troubles.

The community could become anxious

What might be a minority of the Goat Soup community is unhappy with the progress made so far. Below, a pseudonymous incumbent tweeted at Andy, “We need a progress boss, a lousy man to see a project go through and then dip under the previous floor.” And he said, “Sell it, I’m not on your schedule.”

As another example, a self-proclaimed NFT artist told him, “If only you focused so much on your own project. When is the drop for the holders? Response from Milonakis: “It’s funny how much of a negative hater you are because I dumped animated goats for hours yesterday.”

And he literally was. The Goat Soup animated airdrop we were telling you about in the previous episode had just happened.

AirDrop Goat Soup Scenes

This loyal goat soup holder who even has a goat as a profile picture has this laser-eyed monster:

This fellow Goat Soup owner got this less animated one and said, “You made my day today by sending me this goat beauty! I can’t wait for the rap track to land! ”

The artist of this special batch of Goat Soup took to Twitter to give us more information. The illustrations “are all hand-pixelated and manually animated”. And promised: “Andy has this GOAT vision! The next batch will be even tastier! »

Andy Milonakis and the building blocks of his empire

The question is, do you believe in Andy? “Most people ape when a fad train starts, you should be earlier than them and bet on me, cause I don’t stop.”

Our man gets the respect he deserves from the NFT community at large. Here, receiving her flowers, Milonakis makes another promise: “I’m here to stay and I look forward to continuing to grow goat soup and transforming it into something multi-dimensional with the community.”

Here, he announces a new partnership:

This time it’s with the Voiceverse NFT project, and it’s for Andy himself and not the Goat Soup collection. Still, we document it in case it proves important down the road.

ETH price chart for 01/22/2022 on Gemini | Source: ETH/USD on

Learn more about Andy Milonakis’ upcoming Hip Hop NFT album

For ease of access, here is the video we started this episode with:

What else do we know about the project? Well, about the first song, “I could easily see the song coming out in late January.” Also, Andy is “I’m going to write NFT bars and mention other series.” This means that people familiar with the Andy Milonakis NFT show will be able to understand them easily.

It is already all-in with the whole idea of ​​the album, although. “I’ll start making music and I’ll figure out the rest. Goat Soup Holders if I release an entire album as NFT…. You get the entire album as a free mint. However, today’s news is that Andy is planning a contest. The person with the best verse will get a placement in the album and a reward of 1 ETH.

Goat soup fan art invading the real world

Important people in the NFT community are starting to take notice of the Goat Soup collection. Like YouTuber ZephPlayzthe Entertainment Division Manager Bright Moments Gallery DAOand that guy who swept the floor of goat soup the other day. However, a more compelling story is how goat soup art pervades the real world. Like this paper sticker on a wall somewhere:

Or, that Goat Soup jester in a home office somewhere:

Or, this cross-stitch goat:

Goat Soup fan art also exists in the digital world, like this cool looking magazine cover:

Or this little animation to stick under the people announcing that they have joined the Goat Soup gang:

Or this pixel art illustration, which the artist promises will be the first of a long series

The floor price is only an indicator. These kind of spontaneous little works of art from a community that obviously cares are the signal. Goat soup time will come.

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Andy Milonakis as NFT Collector

Our hero is the product manager of Goat Soup, but he’s also an NFT degenerate. Andy is an NFT producer, but he’s also an accomplished collector. What did he get this week? Or, better yet, what did he sell? Well, a Bored Ape, for starters:

On the buying side, Andy joined the Veefriends, The Gary Vee Collection:

Additionally, his Bright Moments gallery partners gifted him a CryptoGalactican:

Additionally, our hero bought “a whole family” of Twisted Tweaks:

And finally, he paid 1 ETH for this 8Sian:

That’s enough NFT art for today. See you in the next episode of The Andy Milonakis NFT Show.

Featured Image: screenshot of the animated Goat Soup airdrop from this tweet | Charts by TradingView

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