The healing power of music


World Music Day, an annual celebration of music when music lovers hold free concerts and other musical events in neighborhood parks and open spaces, did not take place in public places this year thanks to the danger of a pandemic that still lurks. However, that does not prevent us from devoting the day to discovering one of the many benefits of music, which heals the mind, body and soul.
Release worries with melodies
Dr Meenakshiravi has treated several disorders with music therapy as part of the Manollasini Trust. The disorders she treats include autism (a disease that affects the nervous system and the overall cognitive, emotional, social and physical health of the affected person) and schizophrenia (a chronic mental illness that interferes with thinking, learning and , perceptions, behavior, activities and performance of a person). Dr Meenakshravi, who is also the founding director of the Meera Center for Music Therapy Education and Research Bangalore as well as the Nadamaya Center for Music Therapy Education Hyderabad, believes that music can help with depression, pandemic blues, anxiety , stress and other moderate to severe disorders. .

Music, according to Dr. Meenakshiravi, is a combination of melody, air and rhythm, as well as pitch and content. “The melody is universal and spiritual. Music is a vibration, and identifying oneself with these vibrations makes an individual calm and creative. It transcends the boundaries of body, mind and intellect and directly reaches the soul of an individual. she says. She shares one of her cases, which highlights the tremendous healing effects of music. “In my
practicing as a music therapist, I have seen endless numbers of people recovering from autism among other illnesses and disorders. Children who previously couldn’t hold a bowl of food, I have seen them improve to the point of feeding themselves. she says. “Likewise, I had a patient with moderate schizophrenia. After two years of music therapy, her condition is completely under control and only occasionally returns. Speaking of the recent increase in demand for music therapy due to its miraculous benefits, Dr Meenakshiravi warns us that results may take time to show. “The key is to gradually introduce customers to raaga, targeting their respective problems and troubles, ”she adds.

The therapist even points out that one can also enjoy the therapeutic effects of music at home. She shares some simple music tips people can follow to elevate moods, increase focus levels, improve memory power, and fight depression all while embracing happiness.

Sing about your worries: Sit in a comfortable position, take a deep breath, and sing a series of Aaa, Ooo, and Mmm 21 times. This practice improves a person’s holistic health and can be done once in the morning and in the evening or anytime a need for stress relief or relaxation is felt. Alternatively, one can even chant “Om” 21 times, depending on one’s faith. Both of these songs have miraculous healing effects on the body.

Turn up the music: Listening to the music of your choice stimulates the mind and improves mood. Therefore, listening to any form of music that one enjoys – whether it is folk music, film music, instrumental, devotional or any other spiritual music or even slokas has a therapeutic effect on the mind, body and soul.

Sing about your worries: anyone can sing. Some sing well and others less, but music is something everyone should practice. Therefore, joining a music class as a hobby can be life changing.

Classical music has its soul and its spirit ‘

Musician Vaibhav Verma – who started playing tabla 11 years ago and is currently learning classical tabla from Ustaad Akram Khan – shares the healing effects of classical music, as he has experienced throughout his musical career.
“Classical music is like a cool morning. As each morning speaks to us in its own way, each classical music raaga has its own texture, voice and emotion. Classical music has its soul and its spirit. Every time I listen to classical music I receive a unique vibe and energy that is nothing but sublime, automatically creating a positive environment. It exudes happiness and contentment, which motivates me to learn more and keep going. Its calming effect removes all my apprehensions and my jitters and leaves me more peaceful and quiet. I also learned a lot from playing with many classical singers. The consequent growth of my art has given a substantial boost to my confidence. No matter where my life takes me, my love and passion for classical music will remain supreme and I will continue to dive into this unfathomable ocean of wonderful melodies.


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