The London Contemporary Orchestra will host a 24-hour concert this weekend

(Courtesy of the Contemporary Orchestra of London)

Entitled “24”, the concert will feature the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) and several collaborators in an unconventional way.

Starting Saturday evening, the program will feature a range of works ranging from modern classical to electronic music, by composers such as John Cage, Éliane Radigue, Mica Levi, Alvin Lucier, Michael Gordon and James Tenney.

Highlights of the program will also include the six-hour piece String Quartet No. 2 by Morton Feldman, as well as new performances by electronic musicians KMRU, Actress and Powell, accompanied by acoustic musicians.

The music will be set against an ever-changing backdrop of meditative visual projections by projection artist László Zsolt Bordos.

Spectators are encouraged to come and go as they please during the 24 hour period, staying for one, two or even 24 hours.

For a complete programming schedule, click on here.

Robert Ames, the conductor of LCO, wrote that he is “a big fan of not dictating audience behavior, but creating a space where it is comfortable to behave in a certain way”.

“I’m super interested to see if somebody’s going to hold on for 24 hours and see if there are any breaking points for people, if there’s a mass exodus at certain times or loads of people coming at other times,” he said. .

“I wanted to resist the temptation to throw myself all the way into ambient music and be in shape throughout the 24 hours. It’s programmed in the mind to give people the opportunity to see the things that they really want to see or the moments they really want to see come, but it should work as a 24-hour story about all the time,” Ames concluded.

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