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“The Hip-Hop Nutcracker” is back for its seventh season after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will travel across the United States to 33 cities. This includes the November 26 stop in St. Louis at the Stifel Theater.

A press release sent to The St. Louis American stated that “The Hip-Hop Nutcracker” is a modern take on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 129-year-old ballet, telling the story of young Maria-Clara and the Breaking Prince. hazelnut evolving into a festive fantasy. involving a fight against mice and exploring the wonderful themes of the holiday season. Fresh, sophisticated graffiti and digital visuals convert ETA Hoffman’s traditional 19th-century landscape into a colorful and cheerful New York City backdrop.

“Track and field is one thing and art is another, but Jennifer Weber’s Nutcracker hip-hop puts the two together like I’ve never seen it before. It’s deeply moving, ingeniously modern and pure magic. Ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov said in a press release.

Kurtis Blow, “The Nutcracker Hip-Hop” host and hip-hop icon with nearly 40 years of industry experience, said he was excited to get involved again.

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“I knew there was always the possibility that I would do something like that, The Nutcracker Hip-Hop, because I’m such a fan of the fusion of hip-hop and other forms of music,” a- he declared. “Naturally when I heard the idea of ​​classical music, the music of Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky being infused with hip-hop beats, I was like, ‘oh my God, I have to check this out. “

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‘The Hip-Hop Nutcracker’ with Kurtis Blow is back for its seventh season after a two-year hiatus from the COVID-19 pandemic and will travel across the United States to 33 cities, including St. Louis on November 26 at the Stifel Theater.

He said he remembered the first time he heard “Hate Me Now” from Nas and Diddy. He said he liked how well the orchestra’s chords harmonized with the hip-hop production. It was then that he said he had become a fan of genre merging and invented a new name.

“I became a fan there and called it the music of the king and the queen or the music of royalty,” Blow said. “That’s what the hip-hop nutcracker represents, an infusion of classical music and hip-hop. “

He said he enjoyed working with everyone on the tour and that they had become a “family”.

“Working with these talented young dancers and seeing their gifts represented in the show is awesome,” he said. “All the dance styles brought together in the presentation are well executed. Well done to Jennifer [director and choreographer]. She did a wonderful job.

This year’s presentation isn’t just different because of the pandemic. It’s also the first time Blow has made a national broadcast since receiving a heart transplant.

“Being able to still do what I’m doing is really something amazing and a miracle that I’m still here to be on stage with my team and my family bringing you ‘The Nutcracker Hip-Hop’,” he said. he declares.

Blow said he was grateful for the heart transplant.

“I have been transformed. Yes, I have a new opportunity. It was a miracle. God is still in the realm of miracles, ”he said. “When I wake up every morning now, it’s a blessing. I understand, I believe, and I know that it’s part of God’s plan that I’m still here. I’m just thankful and grateful.


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He shouted at the show’s crew and expressed his enthusiasm for bringing the production back to the masses.

“It’s amazing for me to meet fans, and their kids, and their kids’ kids who love hip-hop music,” Blow said in a press release. “It reminds me of how The Nutcracker also brings people of all ages together. I hope everyone will make lifelong vacation memories by coming to our show. “

“The Hip-Hop Nutcracker” is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Weber. It was adapted by Mike Fitelson and is based on “The Nutcracker” by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Visit https://hiphopnutcracker.com/ for more information.


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