The Truth About Lizzo’s Friendship with Adele

Lizzo and Adele’s relationship has remained behind the scenes for the most part, but Lizzo’s love for the “Rolling in the Deep” singer has been in the spotlight recently. Lizzo attended Adele’s “One Night Only” show in Los Angeles and, as she sat next to Oprah Winfrey in the front row, belted out classic Adele songs like “Hello” (via NME) .

Of the show, Lizzo told People, “When the time came for her performance, she threw out an invite, which was amazing – she put my ass in the front row, which was even more amazing. ” She continued, “It was so crazy; I got fired. I said, ‘Adele sings like her in church – she does to sing at present. I have to give her that energy she deserves. So I was alive and we had a lot of fun. “

Tyler Perry, Donald Glover, Melissa McCarthy, Drake and many other A-List celebrities joined Lizzo, though Lizzo admits she only noticed after the fact. “I saw it on Twitter the other day, I was like, ‘Wait, was Donald Glover here?’ Because there were people there that I didn’t even know. All I saw was Oprah and Drake and Tyler Perry, “the” Juice “singer explained.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves a friend who’s as hard on them as Lizzo is on Adele.

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