Tusks has announced a new EP, ‘Change’


Defenses announced a new EP, ‘Switch‘, released on November 5 via One Little Independent.

Speaking about the release, she explains, “The change happened while I was writing my third album. The pieces seemed to have a different feel to the rest of what I was writing, so I wanted a separate platform to present them. I ended up producing this EP in my studio during the third lockdown. This is the first self-produced only release I’ve done since my first EP in 2014 and it was such a cathartic and personal process – for a number of reasons but also because being in the studio is one of the few. times I find myself alone these days because of the pandemic. Musically this has been hugely influenced by my growing interest in synths and electronic music which I have learned a lot and focused on over the past couple of years.

The EP features the recent single ‘Fall In To You’, as well as the new track ‘Is This Real?’ which “was created around a beat I made from a clip by David Attenborough speaking on planet Earth about climate change. I ran it through a granular synthesizer then through a modulating sequencer and it ended up being the main pulsating glitch percussion that you can hear throughout the track. I think the starting point of the song inspired the rest, consciously or unconsciously, and I ended up writing about the intense anxiety felt by these huge issues around the world. The main hook comes from a state of disbelief that such intense and important topics can be mocked in the House of Commons or so easily ignored by governments and those in power because of privileges and friends in high places.

You can check out “Fall Into You” below.


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