Tutara Peak Shares Stunning New Single “Colour & Pattern”

In just two years, Tutara Peak has quickly become one of the most exciting leftist producers to watch. Distilling the sounds of experimental electronic music with organic instrumentals and atmospheric touches, Tutara Peak is a multi-dimensional project rooted in exploration. Returning with that first single of 2022 and the genesis track for a string of releases to follow, “Colour & Pattern” is an aptly named textured composition with a colorful digital soul. A lush listen with understated synths and enveloping organic soundscapes, “Colour & Pattern” is a compelling addition to Tutara Peak’s rapidly growing repertoire.

Speaking about the track and other upcoming releases, Tutara Peak says,“Colour & Pattern, is a preview of my future work; a representation of what is to come. By using more colorful sounds than my previous releases, I wanted it to give my audience a good indication of a particular route I’m taking with my sound. The song started when a good friend gave me a steel tongue drum. I was immediately inspired to try it out, so I started recording and arranging some layers from which the track started to take shape. I believe starting with a personally unfamiliar instrument pushed me to use more alternative instruments and I often compare this to a painter using more paints than they often touch or mix. This also ties into the title of the song, having used more colorful sounds and structuring them around interlocking cyclical patterns.

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