Twitch announces partnership with hip-hop icon T-Pain


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Twitch has entered into a content partnership with T-Pain, including an evening of live listening for their new single.

T-Pain’s live listening night begins at 8 p.m. ET on October 28. His Twitch channel will feature the premiere of his single, “I’m Cool With That,” a track he produced in collaboration with the Twitch community. Twitch says the single will be on the “Powered by T-Pain” list for their Soundtrack Twitch playlist.

“This partnership means I’ve been seen,” T-Pain said in a statement. “With so little representation on the service before, the fact that Twitch has come to see me means that they actually see our community and understand the value of our contribution to the world of streaming.”

T-Pain has been running beat battles and collaborative sessions on Twitch for years. The artist says “I’m Cool With That” is the result of some of these efforts. He describes the track as the first song “created and released with my community, and I hope this is just the start of a journey that Twitch and I are poised to continue to uplift and strengthen the music community. on Twitch “, continues the rapper. .

T-Pain is an active Twitch streamer, having joined the platform over six years ago. He has 765,000 followers on Twitch, which gives him a pretty large following when he decides to go live. He is one of the many music icons to have Twitch accounts. Twitch’s mission is to make it a home for more than games.

Last month, the National Music Publishers’ Association struck a deal with Twitch to work together to forge productive partnerships between the service and music publishers.

“Twitch has always been a creator-centric service, and we’re constantly at the forefront of new ways musicians can make a living from their art,” said Tracy Chan, Twitch vice president and head of music. .

“T-Pain is a shining example of a Twitch creator leveraging his community to organize his sound and give back – and he inspires other creators of all skill levels to do the same.”


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