We Rave You brings together some of the most legendary artists from the Classic Rave Mix Marathon

We Rave You brings together some of the most legendary artists from the Classic Rave Mix Marathon

In a mega tribute to the golden days of dance music, We Rave You have assembled a line-up of heavy hitters for a Classic Rave Mix Marathon filled with classics and the tunes that have marked so many generations.

Today, dance music is completely globalized and is a solid industry. But the legacy we live in today is due to two very important decades and a group of influential artists who, with their talent and innovation, helped shape electronic music. It is to celebrate and dedicate to these golden times that We Rave You have brought together a legendary band for a heartfelt tribute to the 90s with the livestream Classic Rave Mix Marathon.

It is unequivocal that the 90s were important, rich and transformative when it came to music. It was during this decade that many musical styles and moods developed and coexisted in an innovative amalgam. Various tones erupted, with no regrets, resulting in a cross-pollination of sounds whose legacy remains to this day. Electronic music was no exception, having been one of the revolutionary events. The technological shift came just in time and its timing also played a huge role in the development of the dance scene, but nothing was more relevant and central than the artists who elevated the industry at that time. Between the 90s and the mid-00s, many actors marked the industry forever and whose works are not only a precious heritage but also represent some of the best memories of music lovers.

In Classic Rave Mix Marathon, We delight you brings together an exciting roster of artists who cemented electronic music decades ago and whose work lives on, still having a solid place in the industry today. In a short memory test, we challenge you to remember names such as John Gielenthe Belgian trance legend also known as “Mr Trance Energy”, who marked the genre’s golden age with his work”Twisted‘, made with his partner Sven Maes; british trance masters Binary finalwho offered the dance hit ‘1998‘whose perfection is still praised today; the German progressive duo Brooklyn bounceproducers of some of turn-of-the-millennium’s favorite clubbing cuts like ‘Bass, rhythms and melody’; Scottish projectwhose Germanic hard trance stormed the charts with great references like ‘L (I want your love)‘; and Darudethe Finnish phenom who paced the industry with pearls that are still rock-solid hits like ‘Sandstorm‘ and ‘Feel the rhythm ‘. But the luxury team didn’t stop there and also included all-time favorites such as Moon Beam, Stone face and bollard, Joop, Paffendorf, Tala 2XLC, Darren Tate, Jam El Mar (jam and spoon), and Alex MORPH.

We’ve already streamed many amazing performances but there are still plenty more for you to enjoy, so we advise you to keep an eye on our Facebook page. If you couldn’t catch these exclusive performances live, you can relive all the magic of the Classic Rave Mix Marathon on Youtube and Soundcloud, like this one from the legendary Talla 2XLC:

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