What’s your favorite beach music song?


W. Curt Vincent


“Lady Soul.”

Here is the answer. The question was, “What’s your favorite beach music song?”

I can’t beat this, “Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh; Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh My lady soul.

OK, the Temptations’ 1986 song is listed as a rhythm and blues single, but I doubt there is a beach music station that doesn’t play it regularly. Many beach bands probably have it in their repertoire as well.

Anyway, while sitting with a friend at Jersey Mike’s recently, the subject of the beach came up. I told him I had a special connection to Jersey Mike’s because I was born that same year AND at one time was living in New Jersey and enjoying some of the beaches there… I might have. even being had one of those first Jersey Mike subs in Wildwood or Atlantic City or Cape May.

But the topic quickly turned to beach music – a genre I had never heard of until I moved to North Carolina 18 years ago. But now this is the one I really enjoyed – even though my feet haven’t caught up with the shagging bug yet.

This friend of mine, whom I’ll call Wally because I promised him I would, introduced Jim Quick & Coastline’s entire song list as his favorite beach music tunes.

He didn’t pick a single one, but narrowed it down to “Beep, beep” and “Turn me around.” “

I told him he actually picked a favorite beach music ARTIST, not a favorite song. All he did was give me an elongated raspberry, and the topic was closed.

So now I come to you with the same question: what is your favorite beach music song?

Email me at the address below before October 8th and I’ll compile the results. Maybe include why it’s your favorite.


College letter

Just a few weeks ago, recent high school graduates went to college armed with high expectations, plenty of laundry quarters, their favorite party shirts, and a strong bank account.

But already, a parent in the county of Scotland has received a creative letter from their son – who is at an out-of-state university – asking for financial help.

Here is this letter …

Dear mom and dad:

$ the school is really great. I make a lot of $ friends $ and study really hard. My $ bill is high. With all my $ tuff here, I $ imply can’t think of anything I need. $ o if you want, you can just $ send me a card, I’d love to hear from you.

Hug $ and ki $$ e $,

Your first $ t child


The response letter

Dear son:

We know that astronomy, economics, and oceanography are enough to keep even an honorary student busy. Remember that the pursuit of knowledge is a NOBLE task and you will never be able to study enough.


Mom and dad

W. Curt Vincent can be reached at 910-506-3023 or [email protected]


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