Which celebrity is “the baby”?


One of the most popular characters on FOX The masked singer is the baby. Fans and judges alike can’t get enough of this adorable character who comes complete with striped pajamas and an adorable little baby hat. This is the character’s first time on the show, and he’s also the first human character to be on the show. But you will be amazed when you find out which famous celebrity could be behind the mask of this popular character.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Masked Singer are up ahead.]

‘The masked singer’ | Michael Becker / FOX

‘The Masked Singer’ gave us some clues about The Baby

According to Good Housekeeping, The masked singer has already given us some clues as to who “The Baby” might be. First of all, the show said the character was “born to sing”. Now, it could be in reference to one of their hit songs, or it could be in reference to a character the celebrity has played in a movie or TV show before.

The media believe that Alec Baldwin could be behind the mask. This is because the character recalled the exit of the role of Baldwin from The Boss Baby in the movies and TV shows of the same name. The store also thinks Justin Bieber and Dave Coulier are possibilities as well.

But we have a very different idea.

Here’s who we think is behind the mask

While some fans think Larry The Cable Guy is the character behind the mask, we think family guy creator Seth MacFarlane plays “The Baby” on The masked singer.

On the one hand, the character sings “My First, My Last, My Everything” by Barry White. MacFarlane has said in the past that he is a huge fan of soul music. Second, one of the family guyThe most infamous characters from is Stewie Griffin, who is “The Baby” in the series. Third, in the preview episode, “The Baby” claimed he was “never classy” – and MacFarlane is known for his crass, quirky humor.

Which characters have already been revealed?

One of the great revelations on The masked singer was the revelation of the character of the Dalmatian. Rapper Tyga was revealed to be behind this mask. Other characters already revealed include The Octopus (who turned out to be NBA star Dwight Howard), Mother Nature (Vivica A. Fox), and The Pufferfish (Toni Braxton).

We don’t know which character will be revealed this week. However, if it’s The Baby, we’ll definitely be tuning in to see if our guess was right! We’re pretty confident it’s Seth MacFarlane – because he’s also proven he can do different voices.

Now this is all speculation. If the character is not revealed this week, more clues are sure to come. It will also help us to confirm his identity. But the point is, we just don’t know who is behind the mask yet. We’ll just have to tune in to the next episodes of The masked singer to know for sure.

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